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Haredi UKIP Candidate: I’ll Be An Advocate For Jewish Issues In The European Parliament

odzeFor Shneur Odze, the first Haredi/Orthodox Jew to become a member of the Europe Parliament, the hope that he’ll be able to serve as an advocate for Jewish causes, overshadows the fact that he is running as a candidate of the right-wing UK Independence Party.

“I’m standing for all the reasons every UKIP candidate is standing. But of course I have a vested interest in Jewish issues — shechita, brit milah. These are EU-related issues,” the 31-year-old father of four told The Jewish Chronicle, in an extended interview ahead of next month’s election. “In the European Parliament there are very few Jews. We get a poor hearing. I hope to be right in the forefront of the issues.” Read more »

Westchester, NY – Fired Jewish Employee Urges GOP Donors To Diss Rob Astorino

rob astorinoBruce Berger, the former head of Westchester’s Solid Waste Commission, who was fired by County Executive Rob Astorino ‘an hour before Passover,’ is asking potential Republican donors not to donate to Astorino’s gubernatorial campaign, The Daily News reported Tuesday.

Berger, a Democrat, wrote in a letter sent around to GOP donors that he was not only let go an hour before the Passover holiday began last week, but claims he was replaced by a Republican political crony – former Judge Daniel Angiolillo. Read more »

Satmars Rabbi Niederman, Indiq Star In The Observer’s Political Power 80 List

Rabbi Niederman Credit DNAInfoWhere there’s votes, there’s political power, goes the saying. The power of the two Satmar factions in Williamsburg may not be reflective in the city’s ongoing day-by-day governing process, they may produce negative headlines from time to time, but their dominance in the political landscape is apparent.

Consequently, it comes to no shock that Rabbi Moshe David Niederman (Zalis) and Rabbi Moshe Indig (Ahronim) were selected as one of the most powerful politicos – in de Blasio’s New York – in the NY Observer’s Political Power 80 list, published Tuesday afternoon.  Read more »

NYGov – Astorino Under Fire For Firing Senior Jewish Waste Director ‘An Hour Before Passover’

Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino came under fire on Friday for removing Bruce Berger from his job as executive director of Westchester’s Solid Waste Commission moments before the Jewish holiday of Passover came in, Capital NY reports.

Astorino terminated Bruce Berger—an appointee of former country executive Andy Spano, who Astorino defeated—to move in one of his own people, according to Westchester County sources.

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NY – Cuomo’s Pine Bush-Motivated Anti-Bullying Law Falls Through During Budget Season

Cuomo OHELGovernor Andrew Cuomo’s proposal to address bullying in schools after disturbing allegations of anti-Semitism in the Hudson Valley district of pine bush, fell through during the budget negotiations, Capital NY reported Friday.

The law, proposed by the governor earlier this year, would require school officials to report racial or religious discrimination. In his State of the State address, Cuomo said when he read the article published in November, he called the state education department, the division of human rights and the state police, and all three agencies said they hadn’t been contacted about the allegations. Cuomo said if a school official doesn’t notify the state of such discrimination, he or she should not be a school official. Read more »

Toronto – Mayor Ford Kicks Off Campaign With Arabic Keffiyeh

The embattled mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, kicked off Thursday evening his reelection campaign for mayor.

Mr. Ford, never short of scandals and controversies, was photographed greeting supporters while wearing a Jordanian/Palestinian ‘Kaffiyeh’ (headscarf) to his head. Apparently, the scarf was handed to him by a supporter, according to a tweet by a Toronto Star photographer.

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Passover Greetings By NYGOV Candidate Rob Astorino

On the eve of Passover 5774, I want to take this opportunity to extend greetings to all my friends in the Jewish Community.

Passover is a holiday rich in symbolism as Jews worldwide commemorate and celebrate their deliverance from bondage in Egypt centuries ago. Jewish tradition instructs Jews to observe the Passover experience as if they themselves were the ones liberated. As we look to the future, we also must constantly keep in mind the past.

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GOP Darling, Rand Paul: US Shouldn’t Rule Out ‘Containment’ Of Nuclear Iran [Video]

Sen. Rand Paul (R) Kentucky told ABC News’ Jon Karl on Sunday that when it comes to the Iranian nuclear program, “all options should be on the table” and the United States shouldn’t rule out containment of a nuclear Iran.

“They said containment will never ever, ever be our policy. We woke up one day and Pakistan had nuclear weapons. If that would have been our policy toward Pakistan, we would be at war with Pakistan. We woke up one day and China had nuclear weapons. We woke up one day and Russia had them,” Paul told ABC News. Read more »

‘Don’t Forget About G-d,’ Says Republican Rob Astorino In Passover Greetings [Audio]

rob astorino“Deepen your relationship with G-d,” was Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino’s message to the Jewish community celebrating the holiday of Passover, starting Monday evening.

“My message to anybody is: don’t forget about G-d. What is happening in our society today, G-d is being washed away from the public square or really from our lives,” Mr. Astorino said in his passover greetings on the Zev Brenner radio program. “Part of this is this generation, maybe, is not as religious as the previous, which is a shame. But just the whole secularism that is creeping in .. not even creeping in anymore but marching in quickly in our society. And that’s a frightening thought to me, and it should be a frightening though to Jews and Christians alike.” Read more »

Miliband, Who Aspires To Become UK’s First Jewish Prime Minister: ‘I Don’t Believe In G-d’

ed miliband meets NetanyahuBritain may soon have the first Jewish Prime Minister, but the guy to claim that title doesn’t believe in God. During a visit to Israel over the weekend, United Kingdom’s opposition leader and Labour Party chairman, Ed Miliband spoke  about his religious beliefs in detail for the first time, according to British media. But he said his Jewish ethnicity doesn’t contradict with his belief that G-d doesn’t exist.

“I have a particular faith. I describe myself as a Jewish atheist. I’m Jewish by birth origin and it’s a part of who I am,” said Miliband. “I don’t believe in God, but I think faith is a really, really important thing to a lot of people. It provides nourishment for lots of people.” Read more »

UK Opposition Leader Miliband In Israel: ‘Diplomacy’ Key To Deal With ME Conflict, Iran

ed miliband“Dialogue and negotiations” are the key to overcoming both the Israeli-Palestinian crisis and the Iranian nuclear threat, British opposition leader Ed Miliband told students at the Hebrew University, during a weekend visit to Israel, on Thursday.

“I don’t see any good outcome which doesn’t involve that kind of negotiation. We never rule out any options, but I’ve got to say to you that all of our efforts must be focused on that outcome,” the British Opposition leader said. Read more »

Review: Mayor de Blasio, 100 Days and The Jewish Community In New York

Mayor Bill de Blasio promised during the campaign to end the tale of two cities. After 100 days on office, New Yorkers are already seeing a change in government and so is the Jewish community who finally has a friend in City Hall, according to Hasidic philanthropist Ari Noe.

“In his short time in office de Blasio has already hit the ground running and is taking concrete steps to uphold his promise of bringing progressive change to the five boroughs,” Mr. Noe, a community activist and the CEO of OTR Media Group, wrote in an Op-Ed published in Hamodia newspaper, as the mayor marks 100 days in office. “Our new mayor is doing an admirable job of steering this great city towards a brighter future.”

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NYGov – Cuomo Does Major Ad Buy In The Jewish Passover Newspapers; Astorino A No Show

The campaign season has officially started. With 7 months to go for his reelection bid, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo did his first major ad buy of the election in the Jewish community, courting statewide Jewish voters, JP has learned.

The quarter-page ads signed by the governor, wishing the community a happy Passover, appeared in all of the major Jewish newspapers across the state. The ad, paid by Cuomo 2014 reelection campaign, also appears in the Orthodox Jewish weekly newspapers such as – Hamodia, The Jewish Press, Der Yid and Der Blatt.

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RJC Head Pushes Back Against Perception Of Org. As An Adelson Entity

matt brooksThe Republican Jewish Coalition is pushing back against the media describing the RJC’s weekend retreat last month in Vegas as the ‘Sheldon Adelson primary.’

“Because of their obsession with one man, the media’s depiction of our meeting was exaggerated and ignored the real news story here: the warm relationship between the GOP and the American Jewish community,” Matt Brooks, executive director of the Republican Jewish Coalition, wrote in an Op-Ed for The NY Observer. Read more »

Christie, Adelson To Attend Shmuley Boteach Philanthropy Event in NY

09.02-Shmuley-BoteachNew Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson are expected to meet once again next month at a Jewish philanthropy event in New York City.

Christie is listed as the featured keynote speaker at the Champions of Jewish Values International Awards gala, organized by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, on May 18 at Cipriani 42nd Street. Adelson and his wife, who were honored at the event last year, are also expected to attend the second annual event, according to the invitation. Read more »

In Rare Bi-Partisan Moment, Senate Passes Ted Cruz’s Iran/UN Bill

Ted Cruz OddIn a rare bi-partisan moment, considering the sponsor of the bill, the Senate passed Monday legislation introduced by Republican Senator Ted Cruz to give the Obama administration more leeway to prevent terrorists from representing countries at the United Nations.

The legislation, which passed unanimously, targets Iranian terrorist Hamid Aboutalebi, who has been named by the Iranian regime as their UN ambassador.

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100-Days Poll: NYC Jewish Voters Divided On Mayor De Blasio

via nY1

via nY1

Marking 100 days in office and delivering 3 major campaign promises, less than half of NYC registered voters approve Mayor Bill de Blasio’s job performance. While the numbers are slightly up since last polled, only 49% approve de Blasio’s conduct as mayor while 31% disapprove, according to a New York Times/NY1/Siena College Poll released today.

Mr. de Blasio gets very strong approval ratings for his handling of pre-K, requiring businesses to provide sick leave for employees and supervising snow removal this winter. He also gets a positive grade on addressing stop and frisk policy.

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Cantor Endorses Jewish Republican Candidate To Replace Waxman’s Seat

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., endorsed attorney and Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity President Elan Carr on Monday in the race to replace retiring Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-CA).

“We need leaders like Elan who place service to others above all else,” Cantor said in a statement released by the Carr campaign. “Elan understands the importance of maintaining a strong and agile military and he understands that we need to come together to get America working again. I am proud to support Elan’s campaign this year.”

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Emergency Committee Runs Ad Against a JStreet-Backed Republian

It’s a first: The Emergency Committee for Israel has launched a major ad buy  against a Republican. True, it’s running the ad as the incumbent, Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.), faces  a primary challenge in May — so ECI isn’t quite at the point where it’s (even  implicitly) endorsing a Democrat. ore to the point, the most vivid portion of the ad, cast against footage of  burning U.S. and Israeli flags, notes his endorsement by J Street, ECI’s bête  noir. “He’s endorsed by anti-Israel group,” the ad say. – JTA Read more »

In Speech To JCRC, de Blasio Promises To Fight Growing Antisemitism, Bias Crimes

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio pledged Wednesday to fight the growing trend of antisemitic attacks and bias crimes against the Jewish community in the city of New York.

Speaking before a packed room of Jewish philanthropists and leaders at the annual JCRC dinner in Manhattan, the mayor addressed the latest ADL report that showed an increase of anti-Semitic attacks in NYC in the year of 2013. “It was an eye opener for me,” de Blasio said. He pledged to use “every effort and constantly confront any incident of Antisemitism in this city. We will never rest,” he said. “If someone is assaulting a fellow New Yorker because he’s Jewish, that is something we will not accept. We will use all the power of the city to confront them.”

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Dershowitz Hails Pollard/Swap Deal As A Good Deal For Israel, US Jewry

Obama-and-DershowitzLeading civil libertarian and staunch Israel defender, Alan Dershowitz hailed the prospect of Pollard’s release in return for Israeli concessions in the peace talks with the Palestinians as a “no-brainer.”

“I actually urged the White House to do that about a year ago when the White House was pressuring Israel to release more prisoners,” Dershowitz told Newsmax on Monday. “I suggested that the deal be more triangular: that if Israel is being pressured to release murderers with blood on their hands, who might commit more murders, then certainly the United States could throw something into the pot by releasing an old man who poses absolutely no danger to the United States. So, I hope it happens.” Read more »

Former Bush Strategist Rips Republicans Attending ‘Kissing The Ring’ Of Sheldon

A former political aide to a Republican President criticized his fellow Republican presidential contenders for “kissing the ring” of mega donor Sheldon Adelson at a Las Vegas confab the billionaire casino magnate hosted this weekend for the Republican Jewish Coalition.

“I think it’s ridiculous that these candidates for president are trumping out to Las Vegas to kiss the ring of a billionaire casino owner, and they think that’s somehow going help them get elected president,” Matthew Dowd, former President George W. Bush strategist, said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”

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Rand Paul Claims 2012 Comment On Hitler/WWII Was ‘Taken Out Of Context’

Rand PaulA top adviser to Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) claimed Monday that the Kentucky Senator’s comments, in 2012, that US sanctions against Japan and Nazi Germany might have contributed to their aggression, were taken out of context.

“There are times when sanctions have made it worse,” Paul said. “Leading up to World War II, we cut off trade with Japan. That probably caused Japan to react angrily. We also had a blockade on Germany after World War I that probably encouraged some of their anger,” Pail said in a 2012 video published Sunday by The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin. Read more »

NY01 – McCain To Headline Fundraiser For Zeldin

Lee ZeldinSenior Republican Senator John McCain will headline this month a fundraiser in support of State Senator Lee Zeldin, who’s in a fierce battle in a GOP Primary for the 1st congressional district, NY State of Politics scooped.

The fundraiser will be held in Manhattan on April 22nd. Read more »

Report: Pollard May Be Home For Pesach

Jonathan Pollard could be freed before passover, sources close to the negotiations between Israel and the United States told Reuters.

The sources, who spoke as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry prepared to meet Netanyahu and Abbas in his emergency Israel visit, said under the proposed arrangement that Jonathan Pollard could be released by mid-April.

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