U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (L) listens to U.S. President Barack Obama speak during a meeting with members of his cabinet at the White House in Washington November 28, 2012. Obama said on Wednesday he hopes he can reach agreement with the U.S. Congress before Christmas to avoid the looming "fiscal cliff" and shrink the budget deficit, and urged supporters to pressure lawmakers via Twitter and other social media. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque  (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS BUSINESS) 0

Hillary Clinton to Deliver Major Speech on the Iran Deal

08/31/2015 12:59 AM

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is expected to deliver a speech on the Iran nuclear deal on September 9th, two days before the 14th anniversary of

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U.S. Considering Sanctions Over Chinese Cyber Theft

08/30/2015 10:27 PM Updated: 5 hours ago

(Reuters). The White House is considering applying sanctions against companies and individuals in China it believes have benefited from Chinese hacking of U.S. trade secrets, the

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US ‘Concerned’ by Egypt Court Ruling on Al-Jazeera Reporters

08/30/2015 8:43 PM Updated: 7 hours ago

(AFP). The United States said it was “deeply disappointed and concerned” after an Egyptian court sentenced three Al-Jazeera reporters to three years in prison Saturday, calling

U.S. President Obama delivers a speech at the Andrew P. Sanchez Community Center in Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, Louisiana 0

Obama to Rename North America’s Tallest Mountain as Denali on Alaska Trip

08/30/2015 8:17 PM Updated: 8 hours ago

(Reuters). President Barack Obama on Monday will officially restore Denali as the name of North America’s tallest mountain, ending a 40-year battle over what to call

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EXCERPTS: Presidential Candidates Discuss Iran Deal on Sunday Talk Shows

08/30/2015 7:58 PM

2016 presidential candidates continued to discuss the Iran nuclear deal during another round of Sunday TV news shows. Below are some excerpts from Bernie Sanders, Scott

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Obama Invites Pakistan’s PM to the White House October 22

08/30/2015 7:39 PM Updated: 8 hours ago

(AFP). US President Barack Obama has invited Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to visit Washington October 22, the White House said in a statement Sunday. US

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Christie Suggests FedEx-like Tracking of Immigrants

08/30/2015 7:11 PM Updated: 9 hours ago

(AFP). Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie Sunday defended his controversial proposal to keep tabs on immigrants electronically the way FedEx tracks packages. In an interview with

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DNC Chairwoman Wasserman-Schultz Blocks Pro-Iran Deal Resolution

08/30/2015 7:00 PM Updated: 9 hours ago

As both sides of the Iran deal try to rally support, President Barack Obama suffered an embarrassing blow with the Democratic National Committee refusing to sign


Netanyahu Foes Predict Early Knesset Elections Next Year

08/30/2015 5:40 PM Updated: 10 hours ago

Despite Israeli elections recently occurring within the last few months, two candidates are waiting for the demise of the Netanyahu government, according to the Times of

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Yuli Edelstein and Ban Ki-moon Discuss Iran Deal And Achieving Peace

08/30/2015 4:55 PM Updated: 11 hours ago

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein told UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in New York on Friday that Iran cannot threaten to obliterate Israel, citing its eerie resemblance to

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Mayor De Blasio Attacked In Ex-Police Commissioner Ray Kelly’s Memoir

08/30/2015 4:10 PM Updated: 12 hours ago

Since being elected in 2013, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio certainly hasn’t had it easy and two years later the attacks keep coming. According

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IDF Soldiers Tear Gas Palestinians Protesting West Bank Fence

08/30/2015 3:30 PM Updated: 12 hours ago

(AFP). Israeli soldiers fired tear gas and stun grenades on Sunday to disperse a protest in a Palestinian Christian town near Bethlehem against renewed work on

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Cheney Compares Iran Deal to Munich Deal That Led to WWII

08/30/2015 3:03 PM Updated: 13 hours ago

Despite the U.S. being one nation out of six other world powers who negotiated the Iran deal, President Barack Obama has faced immense backlash since the

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Iran Bans Conductor Daniel Barenboim Over Israeli Citizenship

08/30/2015 2:15 PM Updated: 14 hours ago

(AFP) Iran has barred famed conductor Daniel Barenboim from entering the Islamic republic because of his Israeli citizenship, thwarting his plan to lead a performance in

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Thai Bomber Motives May Be Connected To Crackdown On People-Smuggling Trade

08/30/2015 1:35 PM Updated: 14 hours ago

(AFP) Thai police said Sunday a foreigner arrested in connection with the deadly Bangkok bombing was part of a people-smuggling gang who may have launched an

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Kuwait: Iran Is An Enemy Plotting, The True Enemy Of The Region

08/30/2015 12:50 PM Updated: 15 hours ago

(AFP) A senior Kuwaiti lawmaker on Sunday described Iran as the “true enemy” of Sunni-ruled Gulf Arab states, in a sign of growing tensions with the

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Egypt Gov. Lashes Out At British Ambassador Over Criticism Of Sentences

08/30/2015 12:10 PM Updated: 16 hours ago

(AFP) Egypt’s foreign ministry on Sunday summoned the British ambassador over his criticism of prison sentences handed to three journalists from Qatari broadcaster Al-Jazeera. “What counts

Credit: Alaa Al-Marjani / REUTERS 0

Over 90 Innocent Lives Claimed By ISIS In the Past Month In Syria

08/30/2015 11:30 AM Updated: 16 hours ago

(AFP) The Islamic State jihadist group has executed more than 90 people, a third of them civilians, over the past month in areas of war-torn Syria

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Two People Jailed By Iran On Charges Of Spying For Israel And the U.S.

08/30/2015 10:47 AM Updated: 17 hours ago

(Reuters) A Revolutionary Court in Iran has sentenced two people to 10 years each in jail on charges of spying for the United States and Israel,

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Support for Iran Deal Inches Closer to 34 as Sen. Merkley Signs on

08/30/2015 10:09 AM

The White house is inching closer to securing the Iran nuclear deal as Oregon’s Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley on Sunday became the 31st senator to announce

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