Bomb threats continue at JCCs during Purim festivities

03/13/2017 10:45 AM

As Jews around the world celebrated the holiday of Purim Sunday, yet another wave of bomb threats took place against Jewish community centers in the United


Jewish Children’s Museum in Brooklyn evacuated after bomb threat

03/09/2017 11:30 AM

  The Jewish Children’s Museum in Crown Heights was evacuated Thursday morning after staff received a bomb threat, the New York Daily News reports. The threat was received


(Video) Watch NYPD on “typical coward” behind JCC bomb threats

03/09/2017 9:36 AM

(Video) Trudeau says new motion will expose Islamophobes, anti-Semites

03/08/2017 6:55 PM

Mayor, NYPD, Council show united front against hate at Staten Island JCC

03/07/2017 5:32 PM

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio appeared at the Jewish Community Center of Staten Island Tuesday alongside Police Commissioner James O’Neil to meet with Jewish


NY Rep. Maloney calls for protection of Jewish cemeteries

03/07/2017 4:01 PM

New York politicians are calling for increased penalties following the vandalism last month of two Jewish cemeteries in St. Louis and Philadelphia. Over 100 headstones were


BREAKING: At least 10 JCCs targeted in 6th wave of bomb threats

03/07/2017 12:43 PM

Tuesday marks the sixth wave of bomb threats against Jewish institutions, with community centers, day schools and Anti-Defamation League offices targeted. Threats were made before noon against

Pasquale Vargas was arrested by MTA police [MTA] 0

Brooklyn man, 65, arrested for anti-Semitic vandalism at Penn Station

03/07/2017 11:16 AM Updated: 1 month ago

Amid concerns of rising anti-Semitism, a 65-year-old Brooklyn man was arrested Monday for drawing swastikas in men’s bathrooms in Penn Station. The arrest of the suspect,


Celebrated French author exposed as anti-Semitic Twitter troll

03/06/2017 6:24 PM

The French literary scene is known for its provocateurs. (English’s need of the French loan word ‘provocateur’ to describe this concept is just one sign of


Jewish headstones toppled at Brooklyn’s Washington Cemetery (Updated)

03/05/2017 11:10 AM Updated: 1 month ago

On Saturday night, workers at Brooklyn’s predominately Jewish Washington Cemetery returned to work to find that five Jewish headstones had been toppled. It hasn’t yet been reported


Journalist charged with making JCC bomb threats as part of bizarre revenge scheme

03/05/2017 9:25 AM Updated: 1 month ago

The investigation into the recent wave of bomb threats terrorizing Jewish schools and community centers had its first break Friday when federal authorities arrested Juan Thompson, 31,


Jewish cemetery in Rochester vandalized, but is it anti-Semitism?

03/02/2017 1:25 PM Updated: 1 month ago

Five headstones were toppled over this week at the Waad Hakolel Cemetary in Rochester, N. Y., but officials are hesitant to refer to the vandalism as anti-Semitic.


In response to anti-Semitic threats, groups form new Jewish security council

03/02/2017 12:39 PM Updated: 1 month ago

( In response to the recent nationwide wave of anti-Jewish attacks and threats, two major Jewish umbrella organizations are set to announce Thursday the formation of


(Video) Watch Cuomo on anti-Semitism: “This is intolerable to us”

03/01/2017 6:10 PM

JCC bomb threats may originate overseas

03/01/2017 2:07 PM

With the number of bomb threats levied at Jewish community centers now numbering over 100 since the beginning of the year, police forces are ratcheting up


Op-ed: Trump white-washed Kansas City shooting, just like he removed Jews from the Holocaust

03/01/2017 12:04 PM Updated: 1 month ago

President Donald Trump is receiving accolades for beginning his joint-speech to Congress yesterday by denouncing anti-Semitism.  “Recent threats targeting Jewish Community Centers and vandalism of Jewish


(Video) Trump opens speech by condemning anti-Semitism

03/01/2017 9:12 AM

Trump reportedly says what he has already said on camera: anti-Semitism is faked to make him look bad

02/28/2017 5:37 PM Updated: 1 month ago

Jewish groups are expressing outrage after President Donald Trump said to a group of state attorney generals that anti-Semitism is sometimes faked to make Trump look bad. “Sometimes, [anti-Semitism


Bomb threats spread to West Coast…and much farther

02/28/2017 10:10 AM Updated: 1 month ago

  Bomb threats targeting Jewish Community Centers throughout the country continued Monday, as seven JCCs on the West Coast, as well as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL)’s


At least 13 JCCs and 7 day schools targeted in fifth wave of bomb threats (updated)

02/27/2017 3:04 PM Updated: 1 month ago

As February comes to a close, it appears that the atmosphere of anti-Semitism that crept in at the beginning of the year has yet to abate,