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Hillary Clinton Remains Heavy Favorite Among Jewish Voters Despite Support for Iran Deal

09/11/2015 11:08 AM

Hillary Clinton’s support for the Iran nuclear deal doesn’t seem to have greatly affected her candidacy among American Jewish voters, as a new poll indicates that

Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Scott Walker, Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and John Kasich pose at the start of the debate in Cleveland, Ohio, August 6, 2015.   REUTERS/Brian Snyder 0

GOP Hopefuls: Iran Deal Implementation Will Require Action by Next Prez

09/10/2015 6:52 PM

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush on Thursday criticized the Iran nuclear agreement, moments before the Senate blocked a resolution of disapproval from coming to the floor

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Jeb Bush Recruits Brother in Continued Campaign to Win the Adleson Primary

09/10/2015 1:51 PM Updated: 1 year ago

George W. Bush has been recruited to help his brother Jeb Bush regains his footing in the Republican presidential primaries, especially among Jewish donors. According to

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Jewish Voters in Undecided Dem Districts Support the Iran Deal

09/10/2015 12:54 PM Updated: 1 year ago

A new Public Policy Polling survey of voters in 23 states/Congressional districts whose Representatives have been on the fence about the Iran deal over the last

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Netanyahu Kvells As Clinton’s Iran Deal Speech ‘Proves’ He’s OK with Dems

09/09/2015 5:41 PM

The champagne bottles went popping off in the Prime Minister’s office on Wednesday as Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton delivered a speech that gave Prime Minister

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) addresses a Tea Party rally against the Iran nuclear deal at the U.S. Capitol in Washington September 9, 2015. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst 0

Cruz Puts Blame on GOP Leadership at Stop Iran Deal Rally in DC

09/09/2015 1:01 PM Updated: 1 year ago

All the eyes are on the Democratic leadership to see if they succeed in filibustering the Senate’s resolution of disapproval or block a vote on the

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Clinton Highlights Strong Commitment to Israel’s Security in Iran Deal Speech

09/09/2015 9:35 AM Updated: 1 year ago

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton forcefully defended the Iran nuclear deal during a speech on Wednesday at the Brookings Institute in Washington, DC, in which she

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Reid Suggests ‘Jewish’ Political Power Influenced Schumer On the Iran Deal

09/08/2015 5:18 PM

Democratic Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid on Tuesday made a borderline anti-Semitic claim as he suggested in a TV appearance that Jewish influence in the State

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Bush Returns From the Dead in Sheldon Adelson Primary: NY Mag. 24-Page Profile

09/08/2015 4:36 PM Updated: 1 year ago

The newest edition of New York Magazine has a lengthy 24-page story about GOP mega-donor Sheldon Adelson and his pursuit to guarantee the next President of the U.S.

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WH ‘Gratified’ with Support of the Iran Deal, Hopes Filibuster Will Take Place

09/08/2015 1:25 PM Updated: 1 year ago

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said on Tuesday that the Obama administration is “gratified” by the support of 41 senators who have pledged to back

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GOP Frontrunner: Iranian Hardliners Will Respect the U.S. In a Trump WH

09/08/2015 1:09 PM Updated: 1 year ago

Under President Donald Trump, the American people will be saved from watching TV images of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and his supporters burn American flags and chant

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Clinton: Obama Stopped Iran’s Rush Toward a Nuclear Bomb

09/07/2015 12:34 AM Updated: 1 year ago

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton on Sunday strongly defended the Iran nuclear deal as an achievement in stopping the regime racing toward nuclear weapon capabilities, as

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Yarmulke Makes Best Cameo of All Time as Biden Gives Significant 2016 Statement

09/04/2015 2:48 PM Updated: 1 year ago

Vice President Joe Biden made his most significant public comments on a possible 2016 presidential bid wearing a big black yarmulke to his head. In an

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Trump Says He Would Strictly Enforce the Iran Deal

09/04/2015 2:26 PM Updated: 1 year ago

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump broke away on Friday from a consensus Republican position on the Iran nuclear deal, just a day after he pledged allegiance

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Trump Will Support Israeli Strike on Iran Because Bibi is a ‘Friend of Mine’

09/03/2015 7:16 PM Updated: 1 year ago

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has only been to Israel once in his entire life, but that doesn’t mean he will not support Israel when it

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Clinton’s Address on Iran Deal Will Be Broadcast Online Only

09/03/2015 6:15 PM Updated: 1 year ago

Hillary Clinton’s expected address on the Iran nuclear deal will not take place in a formal venue, rather be streamlined as a live webcast by the Brookings Institution, a

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Trump Targets Obama on Iran Deal: ‘Time for a Real Negotiator’

09/03/2015 11:16 AM Updated: 1 year ago

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump took to Instagram to blast President Obama’s controversial nuclear agreement with Iran. The Instagram video begins with audio from an Obama

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Rubio Pledges to Reimpose Sanctions on Iran on Day One

09/02/2015 12:35 PM

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio poured some cold water on White House celebrations securing enough votes to uphold the deal on Wednesday, announcing that he will

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Trump: Iran Deal Requires U.S. Protecting Iran in Event of Israeli Strike

09/02/2015 12:12 AM Updated: 1 year ago

Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump unleashed on Tuesday another line of attack against the Iran nuclear deal, suggesting that the Iran deal would require the United States to fight

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Graham Slams Bush for Refusing to Rip Up Iran Deal

09/01/2015 9:30 PM Updated: 1 year ago

Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham on Tuesday joined his GOP colleague Scott Walker in criticizing rival Jeb Bush over his refusal to commit to rip up the Iran