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(Video) Bernie Sanders Calls Trump Delusional and Dangerous

11/30/2016 4:30 PM Updated: 5 months ago

Bernie Sanders went on Conan to go over many of the recent tweets that Donald Trump sent out over the past couple of days. He explains


(Video) Trump Blast CNN’S Jeff Zeleny After Reports of Voter Fraud Allegations

11/29/2016 4:30 PM Updated: 5 months ago

(Video) Tim Ryan Explains Why Democrats Were the Biggest Losers on Election Night

11/28/2016 4:30 PM Updated: 5 months ago

This Is What Trump Supporters Really Believe about Muslims, Scary

11/28/2016 1:30 PM Updated: 5 months ago

  Los Angeles (AFP) – Three California mosques received a letter calling Muslims “vile and filthy,” praising President-elect Donald Trump and saying he plans to “cleanse”


Trump Taps South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley for UN Ambassador

11/23/2016 4:00 PM Updated: 6 months ago

  Palm Beach (United States) (AFP) – President-elect Donald Trump announced Wednesday that he will nominate South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, a Republican critic who once


(Video) Jon Stewart Speaks About American Hypocrisy.

11/18/2016 10:00 AM Updated: 6 months ago
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Get to Know the Man Behind Breitbart, Steve Bannon

11/17/2016 6:00 PM Updated: 6 months ago

  Ever since President-elect Donald Trump announced his Chief White House Strategist as Stephen Bannon, former executive chairman of Breitbart News, the political world has been


(Video) Irish Senator Warns the World that America Just Elected a Fascist

11/17/2016 2:00 PM Updated: 6 months ago
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(Video) Bernie Sanders Gives Surprise Speech That Rocks The White House

11/17/2016 1:00 PM Updated: 6 months ago

Bernie Sanders speaks about the Dakota Pipeline Protests and the environment. Speaking up for Climate Change, Sanders makes his stand for Standing Rock and talks about

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Amid Anti-Trump Protests, One Black Man Stands for Trump

11/16/2016 3:34 PM Updated: 6 months ago

  The country has been in a volatile state since last week’s election. Thousands of people took to the streets and gathered at Trump Towers today in

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(Video) Giuliani as Secretary of State is Worrisome: Rand Paul

11/16/2016 11:30 AM Updated: 6 months ago

The Senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul goes on CNN with Wolf Blitzer and explains why Bolton and Giuliani are horrible decisions for Secretary of State.


(Video) Bernie Sanders Explains The Worst Case Scenario (We Are in Big Trouble)

11/15/2016 3:30 PM Updated: 6 months ago
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Obama: Trump Will Soon Face a Sobering ‘Reality’ Check

11/15/2016 10:00 AM

  Washington (AFP) – President Barack Obama cautioned against dire predictions for Donald Trump’s presidency, saying his Republican successor faces a reality check if he tries

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Under Trump Shadow, World Leaders Tackle Climate Change

11/15/2016 9:00 AM Updated: 6 months ago

  Marrakesh (Morocco) (AFP) – A week after climate change denier Donald Trump’s election to the White House, world leaders will on Tuesday address a key

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(Video) Bernie Sanders Explains How Trump Won America

11/14/2016 2:30 PM Updated: 6 months ago

Donald Trump gives his first interview after the election on 60 Minutes where he discusses his plans moving forward. If this doesn’t play in your area, watch here


(Video) Watch Trump’s 60 Minute Interview

11/14/2016 12:30 PM Updated: 6 months ago
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Peter Thiel Wins With Bet Against Silicon Valley

11/14/2016 12:00 PM Updated: 6 months ago

San Francisco (AFP) – The improbable triumph of Donald Trump is a victory for tech sector investor Peter Thiel, who unabashedly backed the Republican candidate despite

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Trump Vows to Deport or Imprison up to 3 Million Immigrants: Interview

11/14/2016 9:30 AM Updated: 6 months ago

Washington (AFP) – Donald Trump will keep his vow to deport millions of undocumented migrants from the United States, he said in an interview to be

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Trump Firm on Agenda but Says Americans Have Nothing to Fear

11/14/2016 8:30 AM Updated: 6 months ago

  New York (AFP) – President-elect Donald Trump has vowed to move aggressively on a conservative agenda in filling Supreme Court vacancies, cracking down on immigration

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What Do Scientists Think About the Trump Presidency?

11/13/2016 4:53 PM Updated: 6 months ago

  Scientific America recently published a piece that allowed scientists to share their opinion regarding Trump’s victory in taking the White House. It’s no secret that