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(Video) Jimmy Kimmel has one wild theory for why Trump sent Jared to Iraq

04/05/2017 3:12 PM Updated: 2 weeks ago

(Video) “How is this not nepotism?” CNN correspondent defends Ivanka job

03/30/2017 2:03 PM Updated: 3 weeks ago

(Video) Hear Lee Zeldin on why tax reform will be harder without Obamacare repeal

03/24/2017 5:24 PM

(Video) Bill Clinton on how Yitzhak Rabin would’ve achieved peace, and how the PM thought Hillary was bossy

03/10/2017 12:39 PM

U.S. Secretary of Ed Betsy DeVos Meets With Orthodox Leaders

03/10/2017 9:33 AM Updated: 1 month ago

On Wednesday morning, March 8th, Agudath Israel of America’s leadership mission to Washington began the day with a unique and memorable meeting with a longtime friend


Obviously, George Soros didn’t give $246 million to women’s protests

03/09/2017 6:08 PM Updated: 1 month ago

(Video) How will the Koch bros. group behind the Tea Party react to Trumpcare?

03/08/2017 1:06 PM

Trump reportedly says what he has already said on camera: anti-Semitism is faked to make him look bad

02/28/2017 5:37 PM Updated: 1 month ago

Jewish groups are expressing outrage after President Donald Trump said to a group of state attorney generals that anti-Semitism is sometimes faked to make Trump look bad. “Sometimes, [anti-Semitism


Some Ellison supporters–and no one else–say Israel attacks lost Ellison DNC job

02/27/2017 6:33 PM

Over the weekend, former Secretary of Labor Tom Perez won the top leadership position in the Democratic National Committee over early favorite Rep. Keith Ellison after a


At least 10 more JCCs receive bomb threats

02/20/2017 2:49 PM

Jewish community centers across five U.S. states received bomb threats today, the fourth wave of such threats since the beginning of 2017. At least 10 JCCs


While Time Warner waits for merger OK, Jared Kushner meets with execs to blast CNN coverage

02/17/2017 12:07 PM

The Wall Street Journal reports today that Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law and White House adviser, met with Time Warner executives to blast CNN, the news

Jake Turx is the journalist that President Donald Trump shushed during his press conference yesterday when Turx attempted to ask about rising anti-Semitism in the country.

Afterward, Orthodox news site Matzav attacked Turx in rather vicious terms for bringing disrespect to the community, a charge we refuted.

Then Turx appeared on Fox’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, mainly to defend the president from the less-than-ideal optics of the situation. Watch it above and see if you agree with Turx that Trump’s words were “hopeful.”


(Video) Orthodox journalist shushed by Trump now defends him

02/17/2017 9:44 AM Updated: 2 months ago

Donald Trump silences Jewish journalist, blames anti-Semitism on his opponents

02/16/2017 2:36 PM Updated: 2 months ago

President Donald Trump held a press conference today, during which he was asked two questions about anti-Semitism, the first of which he did not allow the


David Friedman regrets, but does not apologize, for ‘kapo’ line

02/16/2017 12:50 PM Updated: 2 months ago

David Friedman, the nominee for ambassador to Israel, did not apologize during his confirmation hearing for saying that members of the liberal organization J-Street are “worse


(Video) Trump uses anti-Semitism question to brag about election victory

02/15/2017 3:15 PM

Ethics office recommends investigation, possible disciplinary action for Conway’s ‘free commercial’ for Ivanka

02/14/2017 3:47 PM

The U.S. Office of Government Ethics (OGE) has recommended that White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway be investigated for using her official government office to give free

The Today Show isn’t known for its hard-edged journalism, but White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway brought out the Edward R. Murrow in Today host Matt Lauer today. Conway was attempted to spin the recent resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, saying that his service became “untenable” once it was discovered that Flynn hadn’t told the truth to Vice President Mike Pence about a phonecall to the Russian ambassador. Lauer points out that the White House knew about Flynn’s deception for weeks and did nothing, saying that Conway’s argument “makes no sense.” Watch the heated exchange above.


(Video) Matt Lauer to Kellyanne Conway: “That makes no sense”

02/14/2017 10:27 AM

The worst crime committed by Elliot Abrams, Trump’s dumped deputy secretary of State pick, wasn’t against the law

02/13/2017 3:41 PM

Elliot Abrams is many men in one–an old-pro at the State department, a staunch neoconservative, and a convicted criminal, having pled guilty to two charges of


Trump shows off latest Israel strategy in new interview: continuity

02/10/2017 9:19 AM

U.S. President Donald Trump said today that further settlement construction will not aid the peace process and implored Israel to “act reasonably.” Overall, the interview with newspaper


(Video) Watch Sen. Blumenthal defend himself from Trump attacks

02/09/2017 12:36 PM