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US President-elect Donald Trump meets with retired Marine Corps general John Kelly, his pick to head the Department of Homeland Security, on November 20, 2016 0

Trump stacks top government posts with retired generals

12/08/2016 8:45 AM Updated: 4 months ago

Washington (AFP) – He’s not yet finished picking, but President-elect Donald Trump already has named three retired generals to top posts, raising questions as to why


Watch Gen. John Kelly’s Iraq “battle buddy” on positives, concerns with Kelly in Trump’s cabinent

12/07/2016 4:00 PM Updated: 4 months ago

Trump selects Scott Pruitt, who has sued the EPA, as EPA head

12/07/2016 2:50 PM

  After selecting his secretary of homeland security, President-elect Donald Trump has now decided on a head for the Environmental Protection Agency, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott


Watch Texas’s faithless elector defend decision not to vote for Trump

12/07/2016 2:00 PM Updated: 4 months ago

Trump selects another general, now for homeland security

12/07/2016 11:51 AM

Gen. John Kelly is President-elect Donald Trump’s choice for secretary of homeland security, CBS reports. This is the third general Trump has selected for a high

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House GOP sticks NYC with Trump bill

12/07/2016 10:40 AM Updated: 4 months ago

  House Republicans voted yesterday to allocate $7 million to cover security expenses related to protecting President-elect Donald Trump and his family, who currently reside at


Watch highlights from Obama’s final national security address

12/06/2016 5:07 PM

  President Barack Obama delivered his final speech on national security Tuesday as commander-in-chief. He addressed Guantanamo Bay, which he pledged to close, a task he


Let’s laugh together at The Algemeiner’s “America is not racist” op-ed

12/05/2016 5:00 PM Updated: 4 months ago

  Ruthie Blum is the managing editor of The Algemeiner and the daughter of neoconservative icon Norman Podhoretz, but more importantly, she’s also a talented comedian,


When Al met the Donald

12/05/2016 4:30 PM Updated: 4 months ago

Once upon a time, a Democrat ran for president of the United States, and although he got more votes, he still lost the presidency. Fast forward


What is Pizzagate, why does Turkey care, and who else believes this nonsense?

12/05/2016 1:30 PM Updated: 4 months ago

Yesterday, a man was arrested after he entered a Washington D.C. pizzeria with an assault rifle, demanding answers about something called Pizzagate. The gun was fired,


Watch Trump Mock Media, Opponents at ‘Thank You’ Rally

12/02/2016 9:30 AM Updated: 4 months ago

Gillibrand Objects as Trump Taps ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis for Defense Secretary

12/02/2016 9:00 AM Updated: 4 months ago

  Cincinnati (AFP) – US President-elect Donald Trump said he has picked the tough-talking retired general James Mattis to be his defense secretary as he soaked


Twitter Says They Could Ban Trump

12/01/2016 12:30 PM Updated: 4 months ago

  President-Elect Donald Trump has become famous (or infamous) for his use of Twitter as a tool. Now, president or not, the social media platform is

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No, Ivanka Trump Won’t Be Your Climate Change Savior

12/01/2016 11:31 AM Updated: 4 months ago

  A story appears in Politico today by Annie Karni called “Ivanka Trump, climate czar?” which purports to show the first daughter positioning herself “as a bridge to


Rule by Tweet: Trump Cultivates ‘Bully Pulpit’

12/01/2016 9:30 AM Updated: 4 months ago

Washington (AFP) – US presidents are normally wary that their words alone can move armies and markets, but for President-elect Donald Trump, incendiary early morning tweet-bombs


Trump Picks Billionaire ‘King of Bankruptcy’ for Commerce

11/30/2016 9:30 AM Updated: 4 months ago

Washington (AFP) – US President-elect Donald Trump picked an investor with such a history of investing in dying industries that he was known as the “King

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Trump Picks Treasury Secretary, Says He’ll Leave Business

11/30/2016 8:58 AM Updated: 4 months ago

  Washington (AFP) – President-elect Donald Trump named Wall Street veteran Steven Mnuchin for Treasury secretary Wednesday, filling key slots on his economic team even as


Trump Dines With Romney, Plans Victory Tour

11/30/2016 7:00 AM Updated: 4 months ago

  New York (AFP) – Donald Trump dined at one of New York’s swankiest restaurants with Mitt Romney, his erstwhile foe turned potential frontrunner in the


(Video) Jewish Activists Fight White Supremacy in The White House

11/29/2016 3:30 PM Updated: 4 months ago

(Video) Tim Ryan Explains Why Democrats Were the Biggest Losers on Election Night

11/28/2016 4:30 PM Updated: 4 months ago