(Video) Ivanka brand is big in Japan

03/13/2017 5:33 PM

Exiled Turkish cleric Fethulla Gulen expresses surprise at scope of the Holocaust

01/17/2017 4:02 PM Updated: 3 months ago

Exiled Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen, the man accused by Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan of orchestrating July’s failed coup d’etat, expressed surprise last month to learn of

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Taiwan high school in hot water after mock Nazi rally

12/26/2016 1:33 PM Updated: 4 months ago

The Presidential Office of Taiwan has demanded an apology to Germany and Israel after a local high school staged a mock Nazi rally Saturday, complete with Nazi


Duped by fake news, Pakistan minister makes nuke threat to Israel

12/26/2016 9:45 AM Updated: 4 months ago

Islamabad (AFP) – Pakistan’s defence minister has threatened to retaliate in kind to any Israeli nuclear strike after apparently being tricked by a fake news site


‘Unpresidented’ Trump tweet on China sets off deluge of mockery

12/17/2016 5:33 PM Updated: 4 months ago

  Washington (AFP) – US President-elect Donald Trump got plenty of attention — but not the kind he was looking for — after a tweet Saturday


Watch Bibi visit Jewish school children in Azerbaijan

12/13/2016 6:13 PM Updated: 4 months ago

Make Japan great again with Trump luck paddles

12/12/2016 3:02 PM Updated: 4 months ago

  Tokyo (AFP) – Donald Trump only wants to make America great again, but one Japanese firm hopes that painting his face on a traditional good

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Lost and found: Japan tags dementia sufferers with barcodes

12/08/2016 8:10 AM Updated: 4 months ago

Tokyo (AFP) – A Japanese city has introduced a novel way to keep track of senior citizens with dementia who are prone to getting lost —


Turkish Call to Drop Gaza Ship Case Against Israelis

12/02/2016 3:00 PM Updated: 4 months ago

Istanbul (AFP) – A Turkish prosecutor called for charges related to a deadly Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound ship to be dropped following diplomatic reconciliation between

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At Least 120 Killed in India Train Derailing

11/20/2016 11:30 AM Updated: 5 months ago

Pukhrāyān (India) (AFP) – Emergency workers raced to find any more survivors in the mangled wreckage of an Indian train that derailed Sunday, killing at least

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Japan PM Confident in Trump’s Diplomacy Debut

11/18/2016 9:00 AM Updated: 5 months ago

&nbsp New York (AFP) – Japan’s leader voiced confidence about Donald Trump as he became the first foreign leader to meet the US president-elect, who was

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‘Trump Wins Big’ China Firm Sees Shares Surge

11/14/2016 11:30 AM Updated: 5 months ago

Beijing (AFP) – A Chinese company whose name sounds like “Trump wins big” saw its shares surge Wednesday as the Republican candidate stormed to a shock


Six Dead, Dozens Wounded as Taliban Strikes German Consulate

11/11/2016 9:32 AM Updated: 5 months ago

  Mazar-i-Sharif (Afghanistan) (AFP) – The death toll from a powerful Taliban truck bombing at the German consulate in Afghanistan’s Mazar-i-Sharif city rose to at least

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Massive Anti-Government Protest in Jakarta Takes Turn For the Worst

11/04/2016 2:00 PM Updated: 5 months ago


Protesters wearing masks of South Korean President Park Geun-Hye (R) and her confidante Choi Soon-Sil pose for a photo during a rally in Seoul, on October 27 [AFP/File / Jung Yeon-Je] 0

S. Korea’s ‘Female Rasputin’ Returns to Face Scandal

10/30/2016 2:01 PM Updated: 5 months ago

Seoul (AFP) – The woman at the heart of a lurid political scandal engulfing South Korean President Park Geun-Hye returned to the country Sunday to face

The order was announced in the second travel warning that the State Department issued for Americans in Turkey in only a week [AFP/File / Bulent Kilic] 0

US Orders Family of Istanbul Consulate Staff to Leave

10/30/2016 12:30 PM Updated: 5 months ago

Washington (AFP) – The United States ordered the relatives of staff members in its consulate in Istanbul to leave the country Saturday, warning that “extremist groups”

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte announced that Philippine ties with the US would be severed 

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U.S.-Philippine Relations May Be Threatened by Duterte

10/20/2016 4:30 PM Updated: 6 months ago

The Philippine government has not officially requested to sever security and economic ties with the United States, the White House confirmed Thursday. Rumors circulated in response

First unveiled as an indigenous missile at a military parade in Pyongyang in October 2010, Musudan missile has a theoretical range of anywhere between 2,500 and 4,000 km [AFP] 0

Kerry, Carter Meet South Korean Officials to Talk “Direct and Real Threat”

10/20/2016 2:00 PM Updated: 6 months ago

Secretary of State John Kerry, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, and South Korean Minister of National Defense Han Min-koo delivered remarks Thursday as part of a

Russia Ambassador Vitaly Churkin is joined by Venezuelan Ambassador Rafael Ramirez as Russia vetoes a French-Spanish resolution on Syria at the UN headquarters, October 8, 2016 (Photo: AFP/Dominick Reuter) 0

Divided UN Council Fails to Save Aleppo

10/09/2016 4:20 PM Updated: 6 months ago

United Nations (United States) (AFP) – Russia on Saturday vetoed a UN draft resolution demanding an end to the bombing of Aleppo, but its own rival

Bangladeshi soldiers patrol the streets of Dhaka in July 2016 (Photo: AFP) 0

Bangladesh Forces Kill 11 Suspected Islamist Militants

10/09/2016 1:00 PM Updated: 6 months ago

Dhaka (AFP) – Bangladeshi forces Saturday killed 11 suspected Islamist extremists including the new leader of a banned group behind a Dhaka cafe massacre, a minister