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Before Becoming Labor Party Leader, Jeremy Corbyn Pushed for Sanctions on Israel

06/02/2016 3:15 PM Updated: 10 months ago

Already controversial due to anti-Semitism within his party’s ranks and his own history, recently released letters by Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn have revealed more of

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Man Jumps Into London Home’s Backyard, Threatens Jewish Family and Flees, Police Say

05/24/2016 3:00 PM Updated: 11 months ago

London’s Metropolitan Police are seeking a man who climbed into a residential backyard and shouted anti-Semitic remarks at Jewish children, police confirmed Tuesday morning. Police were called at

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London’s Heathrow Airport Considers Following Ben-Gurion Airport’s Lead in Security

05/23/2016 10:55 AM Updated: 11 months ago

London’s Heathrow airport is considering adopting the “ring of steel” security system used at Israel’s Ben-Gurion airport, as a preemptive measure against possible ISIS attacks, which British

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Jewish Cemetery in England Vandalized for Second Time in a Row

05/19/2016 12:42 PM Updated: 11 months ago

The Blackley Jewish cemetery in Manchester, England was found vandalized on Wednesday, with fourteen headstones knocked down and smashed, according to “This is a sickening

Boris Johnson said the last two thousand years of European history had featured repeated efforts to bring the continent together under a single government, emulating the Roman empire 0

Boris Johnson Crossed the Line With Hitler Reference: EU’s Tusk

05/17/2016 8:58 AM Updated: 11 months ago

(AFP). European Council President Donald Tusk on Tuesday criticised the former conservative mayor of London Boris Johnson for having “crossed boundaries” by saying the European Union

Boris Johnson, pictured on April 15, 2016, is a leading campaigner for Britain to leave the European Union, a position linked to securing support for his ultimate ambition -- succeeding David Cameron as prime minister 0

‘Leave Hitler Out of It’: UK’s EU Vote Debate Turns Shrill

05/16/2016 7:30 PM Updated: 11 months ago

(AFP). Former London mayor Boris Johnson’s comparing the EU to Adolf Hitler highlights how Britain’s in/out referendum campaign is growing increasingly bitter, with six weeks to

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British Heavyweight Boxer Tyson Fury Goes on Tirade Against Jews

05/16/2016 12:09 PM Updated: 11 months ago

In an hour-long Sports View London interview uploaded on YouTube, British heavyweight Boxer Tyson Fury launched into an anti-Semitic diatribe, claiming that Jews “own all the banks,

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Trump Warns of Bad Relationship With British PM

05/16/2016 6:26 AM Updated: 11 months ago

(AFP). Donald Trump warned Monday he may end up having a bad relationship with British Prime Minister David Cameron, who branded the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s proposal

Boris Johnson said the last two thousand years of European history had featured repeated efforts to bring the continent together under a single government, emulating the Roman empire 0

EU Trying To Emulate Hitler, Says UK’s Boris Johnson

05/15/2016 8:53 AM Updated: 11 months ago

(AFP). Former London mayor Boris Johnson has claimed the European Union was behaving like German Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler by trying to create a superstate, he

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Paris Mayor Describes Trump as ‘Very Stupid’

05/13/2016 8:01 AM Updated: 11 months ago

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo had harsh words for Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. In a meeting with newly elected London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Hidalgo described Trump as

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Greater Manchester Police Criticized for Staging Mock Terrorist Attack With Fake Suicide Bomber

05/10/2016 4:10 PM Updated: 11 months ago

Greater Manchester Police have apologized for racial insensitivity after staging a mock terrorist attack, in which an actor portraying a suicide bomber shouted “Allahu akbar,” according

London’s newly elected Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan (pictured), suggested that he would be open to visiting Tel Aviv. Credit: National Archives via Wikimedia Commons. 0

London’s Newly Elected Muslim Mayor Suggests Visit to Israel

05/09/2016 7:55 PM Updated: 11 months ago

(JNS). London’s newly elected Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, suggested that he would be open to visiting Tel Aviv. “I’ve not even had my first Monday at

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London Jewish Man Relocates After Years of Anti-Semitic Abuse

05/05/2016 11:54 AM

A 52-year-old Jewish man from London’s East End suffered non-stop physical and verbal anti-Semitic abuse over a three-year period, forcing him to move, according to British

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Hamas Spokesman Praises Labor Party Leader’s Refusal to Disavow Hamas

05/03/2016 1:31 PM

A senior Hamas official and spokesman has lauded Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s refusal to distance himself from the terror group as “a painful hit that the

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Anti-Semitism a Growing Problem in Britain’s Labor Party

05/03/2016 8:45 AM Updated: 11 months ago

Anti-Semitism has become an increasingly serious concern in Britain’s Labor Party. Last month, MP Naz Shah was suspended for a 2014 Facebook post suggesting Israel be

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Russia Criticizes Britain’s Human Rights Report As Biased and Hypocritical

04/27/2016 3:50 PM

Russia lashed out at the British Foreign Press Office’s report on human rights on Wednesday as interference in Russian affairs, as well as delusional and biased.

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Campaign Against Anti-Semitism Calls Out Labour MP for Anti-Semitism

04/26/2016 11:15 AM Updated: 1 year ago

British anti-Semitism watchdog Campaign Against Anti-Semitism has criticized Labour MP Naz Shah for anti-Semitic tweets, in which she complained of “Jews… rallying to [a] poll,” and

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British National Union of Students Elects President With Anti-Israel Track Record

04/20/2016 5:13 PM

The U.K.’s National Union of Students elected a president with a track record of anti-Israel statements Tuesday, World Jewish Congress reports. The new president, Malia Bouattia, has

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Five People Arrested for ‘Terror’ Offences in Britain

04/15/2016 9:10 AM Updated: 1 year ago

(AFP). Five people have been arrested for alleged terror offences in Britain — including one man stopped at London Gatwick Airport — as part an investigation

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Hundreds of British and Israeli Medical Researchers Meet for Scientific Collaboration

04/12/2016 11:30 PM Updated: 1 year ago

(JNS). About 350 top British and Israeli medical researchers met this week in Oxford, England, for the third annual BIRAX Conference, which was organized by the