Assailants Arrested in Alleged Beating of Ukrainian Rabbi

10/19/2016 11:30 AM Updated: 6 months ago

Ukrainian police arrested four people in connection with the assault of Rabbi Mendel Deitsch on Oct. 7. According to, the suspects are two men, 40

A mysterious pro-Putin banner appeared today. (Photo:Twitter/Kathryn Peters) 0

NYPD Investigates Manhattan Bridge’s Mysterious Pro-Putin Banner

10/06/2016 3:40 PM Updated: 6 months ago

A giant banner of Russian President Vladimir Putin with the word “PEACEMAKER” was unfurled today on Manhattan Bridge. The sign was only briefly displayed, starting after

German Chancellor Merkel, French President Hollande and Spain's Prime Minister Rajoy pay respect to victims in front of the mountain in Seyne-les-Alpes 0

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande Support Ceasefire Deal in Ukraine

09/01/2016 2:20 PM Updated: 7 months ago

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande confirmed in a joint statement Thursday their endorsement of a general ceasefire deal brokered by the trilateral

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius 

Photo via Wikimedia Commons 0

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Says Sanctions Against Russia Should Not Be Lifted Until Situation Improves

08/29/2016 1:15 PM Updated: 7 months ago

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius said Monday that EU sanctions on Russia over its actions in Ukraine should remain in effect if the ground situation does

Russian forces seized control of Crimea from Ukraine in March 2014 0

Russia Claims Foiled Crimea ‘Terrorist Attacks’ by Kiev

08/10/2016 8:10 PM Updated: 8 months ago

(AFP).Russia’s security service on Wednesday said it had thwarted “terrorist attacks” in Crimea by Ukrainian military intelligence and beaten back an armed assault, but Kiev denied

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Clinton Says Trump’s Praise of Russia Raises ‘National Security Issues’

08/01/2016 6:51 AM Updated: 8 months ago

(AFP). Hillary Clinton on Sunday sharply criticized Donald Trump over his “absolute allegiance” to Russian policy aims, saying it raised both “national security issues” and new

Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) listens to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Russia's far eastern port city Vladivostok in 2012 0

Kremlin Denies Interfering in US Election Campaign

07/27/2016 8:36 PM Updated: 9 months ago

(AFP). The Kremlin on Wednesday denied Moscow was interfering in the US election campaign after President Barack Obama refused to rule out that Russia could be

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (R) shakes hands with US Secretary of State John Kerry after their press conference in Moscow on July 15, 2016 0

Russia, US Not on Same Page on Syria

07/26/2016 6:55 AM Updated: 9 months ago

(AFP). Russia, now discussing a military cooperation agreement with the United States in Syria, is still far from American positions, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said

US Secretary of State John Kerry (right) shakes hands with Russian President Vladimir Putin before their meeting at the Kremlin in Moscow, on July 14, 2016 0

US Calls for Closer Cooperation With Russia in Syria

07/15/2016 6:46 AM

(AFP). Top US diplomat John Kerry stressed the urgency of closer cooperation in Syria after the Kremlin said Friday a US proposal for direct military cooperation

FRussian President Vladimir Putin (right) shaking hands with Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a 2015 meeting at the Kremlin 0

Turkey Ready to Pay Russia Compensation Over Downed Jet: PM

06/28/2016 8:33 AM Updated: 10 months ago

(AFP). Turkey is ready “if necessary” to pay compensation to Russia after it shot down one of Moscow’s military jets over Syria in November, Prime Minister

US State Department says over the past two years, harassment and surveillance of American diplomatic personnel in Moscow by security personnel and traffic police have increased significantly 0

US Accuses Russia of Harassing, Intimidating Diplomats

06/28/2016 5:51 AM Updated: 10 months ago

(AFP). The United States has complained to Russia about a mounting campaign of harassment and intimidation of American diplomats and their families in Moscow, the State

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, pictured here on April 22, 2016 in New York, reiterated Canada's demand that Russia abide by the Minsk agreement, which calls for the end of conflict in eastern Ukraine 0

Canada Has ‘Real Concerns’ About Russia PM says

06/22/2016 10:39 PM Updated: 10 months ago

(AFP). Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday expressed “real concerns” over a more assertive Russia, as his government reportedly considers taking command of a new

Picture taken on March 16, 2016 and released by the Russian Defence Ministry shows Russian Sukhoi Su-25 ground attack aircraft taking off from Hmeimim military base in Latakia province 0

Russia Bombing US-Backed Rebels in Syria: US Official

06/17/2016 8:28 AM Updated: 10 months ago

(AFP). Russia bombed US-backed fighters in southern Syria, according to a US official in Washington, who said the aggressive action by Moscow raises “serious concern.” “Today,

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Netanyahu Meets Russia’s Putin, Visits Israeli Technology Xxhibit in Moscow

06/07/2016 7:10 PM Updated: 10 months ago

(JNS). Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, marking the 25th anniversary of resumed diplomatic relations between the

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Ukraine Arrests Frenchman Who Planned Synagogue Attack

06/06/2016 8:54 AM Updated: 10 months ago

(AFP). Ukraine’s security service said Monday it had arrested a Frenchman with a huge weapons arsenal who was allegedly planning terror attacks during the Euro 2016

Russia launched its Syria bombing campaign on September 30 0

Moscow Proposes Joint Syria Air Strikes With US From Next Week

05/20/2016 10:45 AM Updated: 11 months ago

(AFP). Moscow on Friday proposed that Russia and United States, which have been flying separate bombing campaigns in Syria, launch joint air strikes against jihadists in

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Putin Mulls Measures to ‘End Threats’ From US Defense Systems

05/13/2016 1:08 PM Updated: 11 months ago

(AFP). President Vladimir Putin on Friday warned that Russia would consider measures to “end threats” from US anti-missile systems in Europe but said Moscow would not

Admiral John Richardson, pictured on October 15, 2015, called on Moscow to abide by a maritime agreement, signed by US and Soviet powers in 1972, to avoid naval mishaps and prevent any such event from escalating 0

US Navy Chief Hopes For ‘Normalization’ With Russia in Baltic

05/03/2016 10:03 AM Updated: 11 months ago

(AFP) – Admiral John Richardson, the US Navy’s top officer, said Monday he hopes for a “normalization” of relations with Moscow in the Baltic Sea, where

Photo credit: Ria Novosti / AFP / Alexei Nikolsky 0

Russia Criticizes Britain’s Human Rights Report As Biased and Hypocritical

04/27/2016 3:50 PM

Russia lashed out at the British Foreign Press Office’s report on human rights on Wednesday as interference in Russian affairs, as well as delusional and biased.

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers his annual state of the nation address at the Kremlin in Moscow on December 3, 2015 0

Vladimir Putin Meets with Jewish Delegation to Discuss Jewish Life in Russia

04/20/2016 8:15 PM Updated: 1 year ago

(JNS). Russian President Vladimir Putin met with delegates from the World Jewish Congress (WJC) and the Russian Jewish Congress at the Kremlin on Tuesday to discuss