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Turx: Why I’m Coming to the Defense of the New York Post Today

IMG-20140105-WA047Nope. Sorry. Not by a long shot. I have no intention of coming to the defense of the New York Post. So what about the title, you wonder? Meh. I just made that up, because I wanted to get your attention. Because making up outrageously offensive titles is what sells these days. And because the very statement that I support the NY Post is about the most outrageously offensive thing I could come up with on such short notice. Read more »

The One Of Too Many That Enraged The Orthodox Community Seeking Fairness

(Jacob Kornbluh – Brooklyn, NY) As widely reported on this site, as well as expressed on various social media billboards, the anger over the latest NY Post (NY Roast) headline with regard to the murder of Jewish businessman Menachem Stark, is not one to describe in words.

While the immediate outburst over a tabloid assigning 10 reporters to assemble the most despicable comments said on an individual while his body is about to be buried is an emotional one, the angst over what this headline or another would do to the Jewish community is even greater.

Read more »

OUTRAGE: NY Post Justifies the Abduction, Murder of Williamsburg Father

Post Hate StarkHis blood is still fresh. The tears of his widow and the eight young orphans are still warm, and the cheeks they run down on are still wet. The wound is still open and the pain is still excruciating. The suffering is still enormous.

A family is shattered and shaken. An entire community is grieving. A Heinous crime was committed, and Menachem Stark a 39 year old father of 8 – with the youngest barely a year - was abducted off a seemingly safe street Thursday late night and his dead tortured body was found the next morning.

 The earth over his grave is still soft but these senseless journalists [or rather say "urinal-ists"] at the NY Post are picking up where the murderers left off: The contracted killers assassinated his life, now comes the contract assassins of the NY Post and assassinate his character.

What a disgrace! It has gotten to a point that the NY Post knows no boundaries to gossip and has no IMG-20140105-WA021problem trampling all over this grieving family, and adding insult to this painful injury.

 The NY Post placed 10 – yes, ten – reporters on this hit job and headlined it “who didn’t want him dead?” as if Mr. Stark was an infamous mob boss or world dictator who killed people for fun. The Post relied on unnamed sources, disgruntled tenants, outdated internet reports, and even readers’ comments from a Jewish-run Neo-Nazi blog (whose Editor suggested that the kidnaping was staged), to smear and defame Mr. Stark as much as possible. Every grievance; every rumor, every complain was thrown into their report as fact and seemingly as justification for murdering Mr. Stark. Read more »

Op-Ed: NY Post’s War Against Shomrim

By: Efraim Greenberg

The New York Post is out today with another hate piece this time by Josh Saul whose primary job seems to be to trash the Orthodox Jewish Community. Saul took the words of – by the Posts’ own account – a career criminal with a long rap sheet that ”includes 20 collars for everything from burglary to assault”, and reported it on face value against the words of four honorable volunteers that give away their time every day of the week, to protect the community they live in. Read more »

CHART: US Sees Robust Job Growth During “DC Infighting”

Some Democrats argue that Republican “obstructionism” and “constant DC infighting” is holding back the job market, but looking back at some of the most chaotic moments in Washington politics of the last 40 years, one sees that the job market continued doing just fine despite “infighting.” Heck, even with an economy 1/3 the current size and off the heels of the 1973 oil crisis, the US produced 1.3 million jobs in the 12 months leading up to Nixon’s resignation. Perhaps the two millions jobs of the last 12 months is not the best considering the current size of the economy, but that is at the feet of Obama’s weak economic policies. Infighting, as recent history shows, has nothing to do with it. See Chart Here Read more »

Gestetner: Obama-Clinton All Talk on South Africa. Bush Was All Action

Bill, Hillary and Obama’s tweets and posts about Nelson Mandela are very self-centered. The Clintons called him Madiba; the name used for him out of affection, and Bill’s tweet showed him sitting with Mandela (“my friend Madiba”). The WH posted a photo of Obama visiting Mandela’s prison cell. Bush 43 on the other hand did nothing of this kind. His center simply released a short statement, which is interesting because Bush did more for South Africa (which Mandela led 1994-1999) than Obama and Clinton combined as illustrated in my tweet: Read more »

Mailbag: Killer of Chinese Family Really Used the Cumbo Defense!

In a post published on her Facebook Page, New York City Councilwoman-Elect Laurie Cumbo who will be representing residents of Crown Heights in Brooklyn, has shocked most elected officials and community leaders by suggesting that part of the reasoning behind the knockout attacks against Jews might stem from jealousy of Jewish success. Read more »

Gestetner: ADP Employment Report is More Accurate Than What it Appears

The Stock Market moves one way or another based on the monthly Employment Report from the payroll firm ADP. Every month, two days before Government releases its own estimate, ADP releases a report of how many private sector jobs have been added or lost in the previous month. ”It has had an average miss of 41,000,” John Briggs from RBS told CNBC, but the fact is ADP has been off by only a few thousand jobs per month and here is the what people like Briggs are missing: Read more »

VIDEO: Checkmate on Obamacare Death Panels

Gestetner: Many Orthodox Jewish Families Won’t Afford Healthcare Despite Subsidies

Yossi GestetnerIf you are a family of four living in Brooklyn with a personal pre-tax income of $71,000 a year, good luck trying to pay for health insurance.

Here is the simple math:

If Child Health Plus will be around in 2014, you will pay $90 a month to cover your two children. This is a $1,080 cost for the year; which is indeed very cheap and a great help for taxable families. However, if you and your spouse want to enroll in a middle of the road (Silver) Obamacare Plan, you will need to pay an after-subsidy annual premium of $6,745, excluding your children’s coverage. Read more »

Gestetner: Kerry’s ‘No Deal Better Than Bad Deal’ Lie

John Kerry Reporting for DutySecretary of State John Kerry thinks you are stupid or that it’s 1972 and no one can double-check news and facts! Following the collapse of the Nuclear talks with Iran, Kerry said Sunday that the President held all along that a no deal with Iran is better than a bad deal. Kerry made it appear as if the U.S. backed away from the talks because only a bad deal was in the works, but the fact is the French upended Kerry and rejected a deal as per Saturday reports, and Kerry today morning admits that in fact the U.S. was ready to move forward with a deal, a bad deal that is, but Iran said no thank you.

The one who smiles now is Bibi Netanyahu. He is the one that argued a no deal is better than a bad deal. He begged his “allies” in the West not to make these offers to Iran. Kerry refused. He walked into the talks Saturday head-held-high thinking he is on the cusp of a historic deal, but all went to hell.

Gestetner: Ed Day’s Mandate to Lead Rockland County

Turnout in this week’s Rockland County elections were at record levels. Republicans, Democrats, Preserve Ramapo-types; Liberal and Ultra Orthodox Jews went to the polls in high numbers. In this turnout, Republican County Executive Candidate Ed Day defeated his Democratic opponent David Fried by a clear margin.

This in one sentence means Mr. Day has a mandate to lead. The question remains how he will lead it. Read more »

Hoffman: A Non-Political View of the Debacle

Meny HoffmanBy Meny Hoffman

The recent website rollout of is proving to be the perfect example of what should – and what should not – be done when dealing with consumers.

As reported by the media, the launching of this new healthcare reform website has angered many Americans. Creating an account is proving to be difficult; signing up for an insurance plan is nearly impossible; and senior administration officials themselves have acknowledged it as “one big debacle.”

Let’s take a moment to analyze this chaotic situation. Read more »

NY Op-Ed: Westchester, Rockland GOP Candidates ‘Declared a Culture War’

KarbenBy Ryan Karben

The Republicans running for County Executive in adjoining Westchester and Rockland Counties in New York State want to make it clear to suburban voters thinking of sitting out this year’s uninspiring local elections: the stakes are higher than usual.

“Whole neighborhoods have been laid bare and transformed into mere shells of their former beauty,” says Rockland County legislator Ed Day, vowing to end a spate of zoning changes that permit more multifamily construction in Monsey if he wins the county’s top elected post on Tuesday. Read more »

Op-Ed: We Are Not Fighting the Gaming Initiative Nor Should We

By: Rabbi Moishe Indig

On Election Day, Tuesday November 5th, New York voters will find on the ballot an initiative called “Proposal 1” allowing the State to sanction the building of seven Casino gaming resorts throughout the State, including in Sullivan County; the home of many Orthodox Jewish summer camps and vacation homes. Read more »

Gestetner: Why Does Politico Not Believe Its Own Reporting?

Yossi Gestetner At times things go really crazy at Politico. Here is the latest example.

Today morning Politico’s main headline reads “Donors’ frustration with GOP Mounts.” The lead-in reports that “Republican donors were horrified in November after pouring hundreds of millions  of dollars into campaigns for president and Congress with nothing to show for  it. A year later they’re appalled by how little has changed, angered by the  behavior of Republican lawmakers during a string of legislative battles this  year capped by the shutdown, and searching for answers.” Read more »

Empty Media Puff – Women Never Barred From Lhota Event

Lhota in BP #7This is unreal how the media jumps on to anything they can, just to feed their narrative that the Orthodox Jews are primitive, narrow minded, third world creatures.

Joe Lhota made an unannounced, unplanned visit to the Shomer Shabbos synagogue on Thirteenth Avenue in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn, while the afternoon prayer services was in progress.

Again this was not a planned event. Read more »

Hamodia Op-Ed: De Blasio Is Not A Marxist

Counter Op-Ed by Yaacov Behrman as published in today’s Hamodia: Last week Hamodia printed an opinion article by Dovid Margolin criticizing mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio for volunteering in Nicaragua during the Sandinista regime. Margolin accused de Blasio of being a Marxist and likened his affiliation with the Sandinistas to someone who is a Nazi sympathizer.

Candidates who run for public office obviously expect their views, both past and present, to be challenged and their personal and public history scrutinized. It is an essential part of democracy and helps ensure a fair election process. Read more »

Dems are Bleeding in the Polls But Media Ignore It

Yossi GestetnerThe narrative out of Washington has been how bad the shutdown is for the GOP brand. Indeed, the GOP took a beating in the polls but so did Democrats. Big Time! However the main reason why Congressional Democrats are doing better in the polls is because 1) their own base rallies around them during political crisis whereas the GOP base, comprised of people who can think for themselves, has diverse opinions. 2) The Media and journalists keep hyping the bad GOP numbers which in itself kills the GOP even more all while brazenly ignoring the bad polling numbers of the Democrats. Read more »

VIDEO: Glenn Beck Reveals Details About GOP Power Struggle

Glenn Beck shared a story with viewers on Wednesday that he’s been keeping close to the vest since before the 2012 election, explaining that he’s been waiting for the right time to say what exactly happened, and what it means for the country.  It all began, Beck said, in what he believes was late August 2012. See the 12 Minute Video Here Read more »

Cantor Pens Scathing Op-Ed Against Obama

alg-eric-cantor-jpgHouse Majority Leader Eric Cantor is ripping Obama to shreds in a Wash Post Op-Ed. Here is some if it: President Obama has often chosen to unilaterally circumvent the law under the guise of executive authority. Most recently, that was demonstrated in July with his delay of Obamacare mandates for corporations, but it has been a hallmark of this presidency.

Courts have held that President Obama violated the Constitution with certain “recess” appointments, ignoring the required consent of Congress. He has abused executive-branch “rule making” rather than working with Congress to pass laws. He has ignored the letter of the law when it comes to religious liberty and work requirements for welfare. Read more »

Opinion: Why It Matters That Bill de Blasio Is a Marxist

Dovid Margolin Wrote an Editorial in the Hamodia titled “Why It Matters That Bill de Blasio Is a Marxist” the following are some excerpts of it:

In 1988, a 26-year-old Bill de Blasio traveled to Central America to volunteer in support of the brutal Marxist Sandinista junta that controlled Nicaragua. A then-recent Columbia University graduate, de Blasio was ostensibly there to hand out food and medical supplies, but as The New York Times recently reported, “He returned with something else entirely: a vision of the possibilities of an unfettered leftist government.” Read more »

Opinion: The NY Post Giving ‘Hall of Shame’ a New Meaning

IMG-20131008-WA007I would welcome the NY Post to the “Hall of Shame”, but they’ve been a honorary member there for quite some time, but now they really gave the Hall of Shame a new meaning.

In less than twenty four hours since the passing of a great man who meant so much to so many people, the New York Post showed their true hateful colors again. They showed their absolute lack of judgment as they did so many times before.

Just to score political points and try to raise a negative story against a liberal mayoral candidate that they dislike, the Post is willing to stoop to a new low to smear a Jewish sage that was so instrumental in bringing together the Jewish nation after being battered by the Holocaust. Read more »

Video: TV Host on a Bike Retraces Paths Of Brutal NYC Biker Attack

Rabbi Boteach: Secular Jews Should Attend Simchas Torah, Purim Services

Rabbi ShmuleyRabbi Shmuley Boteach writes that “By now you’ve heard about the Pew Research poll, published this week, that concludes that American Jewry is on its way to oblivion. No need to wait for Hassan Rouhani of Iran to drop a bomb on us. We’re doing an incredibly fine job of destroying ourselves, thank you very much.”

One idea by Rabbi Boteach to correct this trend? Fix the broken and boring Synagogue service. Read more »

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