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Analysis: Aleichem’s ‘Yinglish’ Embodied Blending of Two Worlds for Jewish US Immigrants

In a column published by the Jewish Voice and Herald of Rhode Island, Rabbi James B. Rosenberg, rabbi emeritus of Temple Habonim in Barrington, analyzes the work of classic Jewish writer Sholem Aleichem (Sholem Rabinovitch, 1859-1916), who popularized the Yiddish-speaking “old world” in America and is probably best known as the man whose literature inspired “Fiddler on the Roof,” the 1964 Broadway musical and subsequent 1971 film that – 50 years after its creation – still endures in both the Jewish and national mindset.

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Op-Ed: International Relations Can Survive Without Borough Presidents

OPED logo(By Ronn Torossian). In the aftermath of the debate about whether Mayor DeBlasio should reimburse NY taxpayers for paying for his personal trips comes the all-important news that Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer flew to Israel this week for a 2-day solidarity visit.

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Op-Ed: Andrew Cuomo At Home In Israel

OPED logo(By Shai Franklin). New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s recent solidarity mission to Israel was just that. It was not a trade delegation or a diplomatic errand. It brought a forceful, unambiguous and personal declaration of support to the people of Israel. The Governor did not take sides in Israel’s coalition disputes, or weigh in on the best course for achieving Israeli-Palestinian peace. Read more »


Op-Ed: Amidst Grief and Tears, Gratitude To Law Enforcement & Public Servants

OPED logo(By Rabbi Abe Friedman). The last 36 hours have been exceptionally trying for the Jewish community as word came of two separate situations, each one of which could qualify as are every parent’s worst nightmare.

Almost simultaneously, we heard of the horrific blaze that decimated a Sullivan County bungalow and of five teenage boys who were reported missing in Ulster County. In the first case, the results were heartbreaking, as we learned of the death of a three year old in the fatal bungalow fire.

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Op-Ed: Another Unilateral Cease-Fire, What’s Next?

OPED logo(By Shai Franklin). Israel has destroyed the easiest targets in Gaza, including major tunnels, rocket stockpiles, and command sites. Getting the rest will be very bloody for both sides, and Israel would have been damaged goods coming into next month’s UNGA opening, just when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu needs to be making his case on Iran, and how the May/June breakdown of talks with the Palestinians was not Israel’s fault. Read more »


Op-Ed: Israel Doesn’t Have A Right To Defend Itself, It Has The Duty To Defend Itself

OPED logoImagine your country, any country in the world, would have a terrorist organization that’s sole purpose is to wipe you off the map, and it’s capable of doing it. It’s proven that it can do it. Imagine those terrorists are bombarding you with rockets and mortars. They’re seeking to destroy you in every way possible, building underground tunnels to transfer weapons — and their carriers — into your country. Sending suicide bombers to your bus stations to kill the largest amount of civilians possible.

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EDITORIAL: Not The Time to Tear, Not The Time To Speak

Photo/Dov Lenchevsky, Courtesy of Ah Blick.

Photo/Dov Lenchevsky

As Jewish people across the globe are still in pain, mourning the murder of the three innocent teens, the Grand Rabbi of Satmar, Reb Ahron Teiltelbaum shlit”a claimed in a speech to his followers on Wednesday that the bereaved parents are to blame for sending their sons to learn in a yeshiva placed in the West Bank settlements, places that are inhabited by “predatory animals.” Read more »


Op-Ed: Our Hearts are Aching…How Can we Ever Overcome?

OPED logoBaruch Dayan Emet. HaShem Yikom Damam.

Blessed is the Judger of truth. May G-d avenge their blood.

To say that the past 12 hours have been a rollercoaster of emotions, feelings, fears, denial, hate, and mourning wouldn’t be doing this day justice. If I try and explain to you the places my mind has rushed to, since finding out about the brutal murder of my three brothers, I would take your whole day and yet would not even be able to utter a word that describes the pain. Read more »


Once A Unifying Cause, Israel Now Divides Jewish Communities

Israeli-flag(AP) Israel was once a unifying cause for generations of American Jews, but that has changed recently and for the time being, Israel is bitterly dividing Jewish communities.

Jewish organizations are withdrawing invitations to Jewish speakers or performers considered too critical of Israel, in what opponents have denounced as an ideological litmus test meant to squelch debate. Some Jewish activists have formed watchdog groups, such as Citizens Opposed to Propaganda Masquerading as Art, or COPMA, and JCC Watch, to monitor programming for perceived anti-Israel bias. They argue Jewish groups that take donations for strengthening the community shouldn’t be giving a platform to Israel’s critics. Read more »


Kornbluh: A New Mayor, A New Era For Small Businesses

jacob city hallMayor Bill de Blasio’s executive budget presentation on Thursday included a significant change of policy that may have gone diluted in the news.

The new budget, the first presented by mayor de Blasio, included a drop of 8% in projected small-business fines revenue. Tickets issued by the Department of Health, as part of the grading system implemented during the Bloomberg administration, is projected to drop a whopping 44 percent — a decline from $54 million in FY2012 to $30 million in FY2015.

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Op-Ed: Response To Ari Hart’s Op-Ed in The Jewish Week By An East Ramapo Board Member

OPED logoThe following is an Op-Ed by Harry Grossman in response to Rabbi Avi Hart’s Op-Ed in The Jewish Week:

As we allow how sefira beards to grow, remembering why the 12,000 pairs of students of Rabbi Akiva died, I find myself saddened by the motzei shem ra being perpetrated by Rabbi Ari Hart and Uri L’Tzedek against the Jewish members of the East Ramapo School Board. For the record, my name is Harry Grossman, I was appointed to the Board a couple of months ago, and while I have been called many things in my life, I have NEVER been called Chareidi (maybe I’ll use that as a Purim costume next year?). Read more »


Op-Ed: Forget The Past; It’s Too Heavy To Carry

(Isaac Kornbluh – London, UK). Let me share with your readers some motivational thoughts to ponder on, following a beautiful and uplifting YomTov, which has albeit left us all with piling on unwanted weight.

It is a known fact the obesity is the root of most diseases which can almost be prevented by leading a disciplined and healthy lifestyle. I will not go into any medical particulars as I am not a doctor but what I will share with you is a very practical and sustainable lifestyle which will rejuvenate your mind and body.

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Rabbi Shmuley Explains ‘Why Pollard and Rubashkin Are Rotting in Jail’

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach rips into the broader Jewish Community: And here you have the reason why inmates like Jonathan Pollard and Sholom Rubashkin, amid their inexcusable crimes, can be given highly prejudicial and outrageously lengthy sentences. The Jewish community, embarrassed at Jewish wrongdoing, rarely raises its voice in unified protest against punishments which, in both cases, are widely viewed by legal experts as discriminatory and excessive. Read more »


Gestetner: I Am of the 7 Million Who Signed Up for Obamacare

Yossi GestetnerThe Obama administration is boasting that 7 million people signed up for an Affordable Care Act (ACA) plan; or what some call Obamacare. My wife and I signed up late last week for a Bronze Plan which is one before the bottom in the 5-rung system of Catastrophic, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum health plans available in New York.

Since we cannot afford healthcare, we enrolled in one of the cheapest plans within the Bronze category. Many hospitals, excluding local community hospitals, do not accept this plan. It apparently fails to cover many procedures, and the plan has annual $12,700 deductibles and co-pays if we actually need care. Read more »


EDITORIAL: A New Star – A Greenfield – Is Born In Monsey

michael greenfieldActivists, volunteers, community leaders and elected officials in the upstate area of Rockland and Orange County are all praise of Monsey’s own resident Michael Greenfield – the twin brother of NYC Councilman David Greenfield – for his outstanding effort throughout the search efforts for Peretz Sontag.

In a sense, the term “his outstanding effort throughout the search” undercuts his involvement. He essentially kept the search going day after day. He energized people on the ground; he coordinated efforts between the local Chaverim volunteers and the volunteers of United Search and Rescue, as well as Brooklyn South Safety Patrol (Borough Park Shomrim) and the volunteers from multiple agencies out of Kiryas Joel. As the week dragged on, a sense of helplessness started to set-in among some volunteers, but Michael in his daily emails to the group, said the search will go on. He lined up forces, including private planes and helicopters, to get the job done. Read more »


Op-Ed: Creating Affordable Housing and Tax Breaks For The ‘Struggling Class’

nachman callerThe 2nd in a series of articles addressing the struggling class in our community.

By: Rabbi Nachman Caller

As I wrote in my previous column, the major issue facing the majority of the nation and our community in particular is the plight of the struggling working class. Due to the high cost of health care, putting food on the table and housing expenses those who fall into this middle income bracket often find themselves struggling to make ends meet. Unlike those in the lower income brackets, there are few tax breaks or government assistance programs to help cover constantly rising living expenses. Read more »


Opinion: What the Ellen and Obama RTs Tell Us About Twitter

Twitter-followersAs of last night, the popular TV Host Ellen DeGeners had more than twenty five million Twitter followers and more than 2.5 million people retweeted a selfie someone took of her and many Hollywood stars. This number of RTs is record-setting and more than tripled the previous record held by President Obama. But consider this: Tweets by Ellen usually do not hit one thousands retweets, which means most RTs from yesterday’s Selfie are obviously not from her own followers. This begs the question: What percent of a person’s followers actually read tweets? How many tweets do they see from each account they follow? How many people altogether, followers and non followers alike, actually see an average tweet? Read more »


Op-Ed: American Orthodox Passivity

OPED logoThe following is an Op-Ed submitted to JP by Aryeh Rand:

As you may recall, in the height of this winter the Frum world was abuzz. Many Gedolim in Eretz Yisroel were planning a massive trip to the United States to rally the masses for a campaign of awareness and unity. To say that most people were confused would be an understatement. Questions like what is the purpose, what will they achieve were abound. But the truth is, it was an opportunity missed – an opportunity to potentially solve the crisis once and for all with much better outcomes. Read more »


Op-Ed: The Charedi Anger with the Draft Law

OPED logoThe following is an Op-Ed by Menachem Lubinsky, president & CEO of LUBICOM Marketing Consulting:

What was the straw that broke the camel’s back, forcing all Gedolei Yisroel to call for a mass tefila assembly this Sunday in Yerushalayim? Was it the Knesset Subcommittee headed by Ayelet Shaked that included imposing sanctions on Charedim who do not report for the draft? Was it Yair Lapid’s rhetoric calling for “shivyon benetel” (equal responsibility) for all citizens of Israel? Was it Lapid’s cuts to yeshiva budgets and yeshiva families?

No, it was outright lies by the highest officials in Israel! Read more »


Op-Ed: Ukranian Revolution – A Questioning Democracy.

OPED logoThe following is an op-ed submitted by Y. Friedman:

“3 cheers for Ukraine for their heroism” a famous British journalist tweeted Saturday. Thousands of other social media posts like “Kudos for Ukraine, your fight for democracy has paid”, were posted by mainstream users and even from high ranking politicians and journalists. The praises pouring on the Ukrainian “freedom fighters” were coming from all sides and angles, emphasizing the values they apparently fought for, namely democracy. Read more »


Key FL Democrat and VP Biden Say Racial Comments on Same Day

Alex Sink was the Chief Financial Officer (Comptroller) for Florida until a few years ago. In 2010 she came within 1.1% of winning the Governor’s race after picking up more than 2.55 million votes in the general election vs Rick Scott. Now she is running in #FL13; a special election to the House. Yesterday she said the U.S. needs to reform immigration because “we have a lot of employers over on the beaches that rely upon workers, and  especially in this high-growth environment, where are you going to get people to  work to clean out hotel rooms or do our landscaping?” Read more »


MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: Dems Will Lose 5-10 U.S. Senate Seats In 2014

Republicans need to win a net of six seats to have a slim 51-49 Majority in the US Senate. Liberal Chris Matthews think Democrats losing only five seats would be a rosy outcome because it may hit ten seats.

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Video: ‘Jimmy Carter on Steroids’ Handed Putin Ukraine


Gestetner: A Tale of Two Big Border States in 300 Words

California and Texas are this Country’s largest states by population. Both are of the largest States geographically; both are along the Border with Mexico, and both suffered through the politically-hyped 2008 economic meltdown. The difference of the two states? One is run by Liberals and the other by Conservatives.

Results? Read more »


OPINION: Small Business Owners Will Lose Their Income if Minimum Wage Hike Goes Through

Minimum WageWhile browsing twitter last week, I came across this tweet by CNN’s @Crossfire: “Does raising the minimum wage help the economy? Reply now with Yes or No”. This isn’t the first time this issue has been raised. It has actually been raised quite a lot in the past few weeks. In fact, President Obama at the State of the Union address declared that he will raise the minimum wage for federal workers through executive action. Many Democrats have followed his proposal by engaging States and Cities and making the 2014 mid-term elections about the ‘minimum wage’ issue. But being the fact that CNN asked this question publicly, I figured let me go ahead and check what the responses from fellow Americans were.

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