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Opinion: What the Ellen and Obama RTs Tell Us About Twitter

Twitter-followersAs of last night, the popular TV Host Ellen DeGeners had more than twenty five million Twitter followers and more than 2.5 million people retweeted a selfie someone took of her and many Hollywood stars. This number of RTs is record-setting and more than tripled the previous record held by President Obama. But consider this: Tweets by Ellen usually do not hit one thousands retweets, which means most RTs from yesterday’s Selfie are obviously not from her own followers. This begs the question: What percent of a person’s followers actually read tweets? How many tweets do they see from each account they follow? How many people altogether, followers and non followers alike, actually see an average tweet? Read more »


Op-Ed: American Orthodox Passivity

OPED logoThe following is an Op-Ed submitted to JP by Aryeh Rand:

As you may recall, in the height of this winter the Frum world was abuzz. Many Gedolim in Eretz Yisroel were planning a massive trip to the United States to rally the masses for a campaign of awareness and unity. To say that most people were confused would be an understatement. Questions like what is the purpose, what will they achieve were abound. But the truth is, it was an opportunity missed – an opportunity to potentially solve the crisis once and for all with much better outcomes. Read more »


Op-Ed: The Charedi Anger with the Draft Law

OPED logoThe following is an Op-Ed by Menachem Lubinsky, president & CEO of LUBICOM Marketing Consulting:

What was the straw that broke the camel’s back, forcing all Gedolei Yisroel to call for a mass tefila assembly this Sunday in Yerushalayim? Was it the Knesset Subcommittee headed by Ayelet Shaked that included imposing sanctions on Charedim who do not report for the draft? Was it Yair Lapid’s rhetoric calling for “shivyon benetel” (equal responsibility) for all citizens of Israel? Was it Lapid’s cuts to yeshiva budgets and yeshiva families?

No, it was outright lies by the highest officials in Israel! Read more »


Op-Ed: Ukranian Revolution – A Questioning Democracy.

OPED logoThe following is an op-ed submitted by Y. Friedman:

“3 cheers for Ukraine for their heroism” a famous British journalist tweeted Saturday. Thousands of other social media posts like “Kudos for Ukraine, your fight for democracy has paid”, were posted by mainstream users and even from high ranking politicians and journalists. The praises pouring on the Ukrainian “freedom fighters” were coming from all sides and angles, emphasizing the values they apparently fought for, namely democracy. Read more »


Key FL Democrat and VP Biden Say Racial Comments on Same Day

Alex Sink was the Chief Financial Officer (Comptroller) for Florida until a few years ago. In 2010 she came within 1.1% of winning the Governor’s race after picking up more than 2.55 million votes in the general election vs Rick Scott. Now she is running in #FL13; a special election to the House. Yesterday she said the U.S. needs to reform immigration because “we have a lot of employers over on the beaches that rely upon workers, and  especially in this high-growth environment, where are you going to get people to  work to clean out hotel rooms or do our landscaping?” Read more »


MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: Dems Will Lose 5-10 U.S. Senate Seats In 2014

Republicans need to win a net of six seats to have a slim 51-49 Majority in the US Senate. Liberal Chris Matthews think Democrats losing only five seats would be a rosy outcome because it may hit ten seats.

Direct Link to You Tube


Video: ‘Jimmy Carter on Steroids’ Handed Putin Ukraine


Gestetner: A Tale of Two Big Border States in 300 Words

California and Texas are this Country’s largest states by population. Both are of the largest States geographically; both are along the Border with Mexico, and both suffered through the politically-hyped 2008 economic meltdown. The difference of the two states? One is run by Liberals and the other by Conservatives.

Results? Read more »


OPINION: Small Business Owners Will Lose Their Income if Minimum Wage Hike Goes Through

Minimum WageWhile browsing twitter last week, I came across this tweet by CNN’s @Crossfire: “Does raising the minimum wage help the economy? Reply now with Yes or No”. This isn’t the first time this issue has been raised. It has actually been raised quite a lot in the past few weeks. In fact, President Obama at the State of the Union address declared that he will raise the minimum wage for federal workers through executive action. Many Democrats have followed his proposal by engaging States and Cities and making the 2014 mid-term elections about the ‘minimum wage’ issue. But being the fact that CNN asked this question publicly, I figured let me go ahead and check what the responses from fellow Americans were.

Read more »


Why Co-Pilot Might Have Taken Extreme Steps to Leave Ethiopia

David Blair at the Telegraph Writes: Desperate migrants go to extreme lengths to leave their homelands, but hardly any resort to hijacking. The Ethiopian Airlines co-pilot who landed his plane in Geneva joins the men who forced an Afghan airliner to fly to Stansted Airport in 2000 in the select club of those who chose hijacking as their way of escape.  Read more »


Video: Raising Minimum Wage Hurts New Workers; Helps Unions


Gestetner: Yes, Bush Won San Diego But Here is Why Alvarez’s Loss is BAD for Dems

Voters in San Diego picked yesterday a new Mayor; Republican Kevin Faulconer over local Democrat Councilman David Alvarez by a margin of ten points. To put it in context, Bush the first time around won this place by 4 points and the second time by 6, but President Obama won San Diego by 10 points in 2008 and 5 points the second time around. Meaning, if Democrats thought that Obama’s results are a permanent change in this GOP-leaning California County, yesterday’s result’s proved otherwise. Read more »


Goldberg: ‘Remarkable Chutzpah’ for Dems to Use Job-Lock Excuse


Gestetner: ‘Forward’ Writer Goes Haywire After 68% Polled Don’t Buy his Global Warming Beliefs

A writer by the name Jay Michaelson has an article in the Forward which lashes out at Conservatives with revisionist history and snarky lines. Why? He writes:

“According to a recent study by Yale University, only 32% of Americans believe  that global warming is happening, and that human beings are responsible for it.  This despite a complete – that’s right, complete – consensus on that point on  the part of scientists not working for the fossil fuel industry.” Read more »


Confused With All the CBO-Obamacare Spin? These Charts Simplify It

There has been a strong back and forth in the political class on whether the CBO said last week that Obamacare helps or does not help the economy. The easiest way to asses if Obamacare, according to the CBO, is a net positive or net negative to the economy, employment, the deficit and so on, is to compare the CBO’s economic and budget projections of last week to the ones they released in January 2010; two months before Obamacare was signed. That was the last pre-ACA projections that they made; making it the closest thing to an honest assessment how economic things changed from pre to post ACA. The charts below give you some context on a few key area: Read more »


Gestetner: Dems Can’t Have it Both Ways on SNAP, Clinton

Yossi GestetnerIn 2012, about 46 million Americans were living in poverty and about 46 million Americans were on Food Stamps (SNAP). How does this stack up from an historical point of view? Well, in Bill Clinton’s last budget year, about 30 million Americans were in poverty but only 17 million received SNAP.

Basically, under Clinton the number of people on SNAP was only about 55% of the amount of people living in poverty, but in 2012 under Obama it was about 100% (see chart below).

And here is the issue: Read more »


Turx: Can Radical Islam Succeed Where the Nazis Failed? They Certainly Seem to Think So….

Sochi 2014 Company OlympicsSo here we are, in 2014, and radical Islam is vowing to attack Russia in middle of the winter. In middle of the Winter Olympics, that is. Why? Because what better time or place to run around with ski masks without arousing suspicions than in Russia, in the dead of winter?

The Winter Olympics are set to launch in about two weeks (in the future or in the past, depending on when exactly it is that you’re reading this), in Sochi, Russia. Sochi, in southern Russia, is located a mere 300 miles from the terror hotbed that is Chechnya. (On a grand scale, 300 miles is pretty close. To put that into perspective, 300 miles is like from here – my office, that is – to 300 miles straight up in the air! That’s literally just a stones-throw away, folks!) Terrorists of the region have sworn by everything and anything they consider holy (exactly what these terrorists consider holy is up for debate, and I’m quite certain that many wars have been fought amongst various Islamist sects to settle this very query) to disrupt the events and festivities. Read more »


OP-ED: Assassination by Cliché, Misuse of Freedom of the Press

By: Aliza Bas Menachem

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailCharacter assassination is a misuse of freedom of the press. Especially when the assassination is based on speculation.

Shortly after the New York Post skillfully assassinated the character of Menachem Stark, it ran an article entitled “Post’s report on slain… draws harsh criticism.” The article provides an explanation of why the Post claims they do not need to apologize for their questionable journalism. The article quotes “a spokesman for the paper.” No name! What is the matter? Is there no one at the Post who will come out and say, “I am accountable for the front cover and inside story about Menachem Stark. I have listened to the calls for an apology, but I stand by my decision in this matter as being responsible journalism”? Either that or an apology. Nope, only a nameless spokesman. And no apology. Read more »


Rundown: The 22 Leaks from Investigators to the Press, And Why

Did Stark have leaky apartments? what about the NYPD’s leaky detectives?

Is this the kind of treatment victims should expect from the NYPD? Do we have to expect that every bit of information the NYPD bumps into, considers or speculates in the course of an investigation would make its way straight to the phone lines of the tabloids?

Well, this is the treatment that the Stark family is getting. The following is a list of 22 leaks by the investigators and members of the Police Department to the tabloids, and the possible reasoning behind them: Read more »


Op-ed: Why We Had to Speak Out Against the NY Post

By: Roizy Waldman

The Silence of the Good People

In light of the New York Post’s refusal to apologize for their lurid coverage of Menachem Stark’s murder, many people are questioning the necessity of the efforts the community has employed in the condemnation of this newspaper. The press conference in Borough Hall, the petitions on social media, the calls to advertisers asking them to boycott the paper, the numerous verbal denunciations by other newspapers, journals, blogs, etc. – all of it, it would appear, had been for naught. The Post has not apologized nor expressed regret in any way. In fact, they continue to refer to Stark derogatorily. Read more »


Editorial: The NYPD is Equally Responsible for the NY Post’s Character Assasination of Stark

NYPD patchBrooklyn was abuzz Sunday. Elected officials voiced their disgust with the disgraceful NY Post coverage of Menachem Stark’s murder. The internet was awake, twitter was fuming, and all fire was directed at the New York Post editors and advertisers.

But did anyone pay attention, where did Larry Celona – one of the lead reporters in the despicable cover story – get his information from? Read more »


Turx: Why I’m Coming to the Defense of the New York Post Today

IMG-20140105-WA047Nope. Sorry. Not by a long shot. I have no intention of coming to the defense of the New York Post. So what about the title, you wonder? Meh. I just made that up, because I wanted to get your attention. Because making up outrageously offensive titles is what sells these days. And because the very statement that I support the NY Post is about the most outrageously offensive thing I could come up with on such short notice. Read more »


The One Of Too Many That Enraged The Orthodox Community Seeking Fairness

(Jacob Kornbluh – Brooklyn, NY) As widely reported on this site, as well as expressed on various social media billboards, the anger over the latest NY Post (NY Roast) headline with regard to the murder of Jewish businessman Menachem Stark, is not one to describe in words.

While the immediate outburst over a tabloid assigning 10 reporters to assemble the most despicable comments said on an individual while his body is about to be buried is an emotional one, the angst over what this headline or another would do to the Jewish community is even greater.

Read more »


OUTRAGE: NY Post Justifies the Abduction, Murder of Williamsburg Father

Post Hate StarkHis blood is still fresh. The tears of his widow and the eight young orphans are still warm, and the cheeks they run down on are still wet. The wound is still open and the pain is still excruciating. The suffering is still enormous.

A family is shattered and shaken. An entire community is grieving. A Heinous crime was committed, and Menachem Stark a 39 year old father of 8 – with the youngest barely a year - was abducted off a seemingly safe street Thursday late night and his dead tortured body was found the next morning.

 The earth over his grave is still soft but these senseless journalists [or rather say "urinal-ists"] at the NY Post are picking up where the murderers left off: The contracted killers assassinated his life, now comes the contract assassins of the NY Post and assassinate his character.

What a disgrace! It has gotten to a point that the NY Post knows no boundaries to gossip and has no IMG-20140105-WA021problem trampling all over this grieving family, and adding insult to this painful injury.

 The NY Post placed 10 – yes, ten – reporters on this hit job and headlined it “who didn’t want him dead?” as if Mr. Stark was an infamous mob boss or world dictator who killed people for fun. The Post relied on unnamed sources, disgruntled tenants, outdated internet reports, and even readers’ comments from a Jewish-run Neo-Nazi blog (whose Editor suggested that the kidnaping was staged), to smear and defame Mr. Stark as much as possible. Every grievance; every rumor, every complain was thrown into their report as fact and seemingly as justification for murdering Mr. Stark. Read more »


Op-Ed: NY Post’s War Against Shomrim

By: Efraim Greenberg

The New York Post is out today with another hate piece this time by Josh Saul whose primary job seems to be to trash the Orthodox Jewish Community. Saul took the words of – by the Posts’ own account – a career criminal with a long rap sheet that “includes 20 collars for everything from burglary to assault”, and reported it on face value against the words of four honorable volunteers that give away their time every day of the week, to protect the community they live in. Read more »

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