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BREAKING: Suspect In Menachem Stark Murder Identified

20140105_160930.jpgBrooklyn, NY – After nearly four months (118 days) of police investigations, several suspects were taken into custody for their alleged role in the brutal kidnapping and murder of Wlliamsburg businessman Menachem Stark Z”L, sources tell JP.

UPDATE 8:06 PM: The main suspect has been identified as 26 year old Kendel Felix of 921 Montgomery Street in Brooklyn, who was the driver of the minivan, according to sources close to the investigation. The motive was allegedly just a robbery gone wrong. He is facing second degree murder charges.

One of the suspects is possibly a Brooklyn contractor who was questioned several times over an alleged business-related dispute, according to some sources who spoke to JP on the condition of anonymity. The contractor, part of a group seeking retaliation by abducting Mr. Stark, was DNA tested several weeks ago.

Other sources claim that the abduction was part of a botched robbery by a group of robbers who were tipped off by the contractor that Mr. Stark is carrying a lot of cash at the time.

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Footage Rebuffs NYPD’s Dismissal Of Possible Bias Assault



(VIDEO IN EXTENDED ARTICLE) Brooklyn, NY – Late Wednesday afternoon, the NYPD told members of the press - including one of JP’s reporters – that the 65-year old Hasidic tourist from London, Sinai Waldman, who was reportedly attacked in Borough Park early Tuesday morning was not in fact attacked, and that the victim has recanted his story.

Initially, the NYPD investigated the incident as a possible bias crime. But after reviewing the video of the incident (embedded below), the NYPD claimed that this video shows the 65-year-old merely fall down behind a parked vehicle, injuring himself.

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UPDATED: Another Knockout Attack Reported on Hasidic Jew In Borough Park

knockout victim bpBoro Park, NY – A possible knockout game attack was reported early Tuesday morning, when a 65-year old grandfather, visiting from London for a relatives wedding, was attacked on McDonald Ave. near the intersection of 18th Avenue in Borough Park. The attack took place shortly past 2:30 am when the man left the wedding that took place in the Palace Hall located at 780 McDonald Ave.

Relatives of the victim told JP that two individuals walked up to him from behind and punched him in the head. He then fell to the ground and busted his face. The suspects fled the scene.

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Philanthropy of Menachem Stark Pays Off After Death

Bobov Raffle

The Drawing Bucket

Brooklyn, NY – Last night during the drawing of a Jewish Charity raffle, organizers were in for some surprise. The winner of the grand prize of $18,000 was non other than Menachem Stark, the Williamsburg philanthropist who was kidnapped and brutally killed on January 3rd.

Mr. Stark paid $100 during a Hanukkah campaign, to buy 2 raffle books, which contains 50 entries each. The Regular price for an entry is $5 Dollars, and for $100 Dollars you got 50 entries. But during the Hanukkah season organizers advertised a special, that you can get 100 entries for a $100 donation.

Organizers tell JP that Menachem purchased the raffle during a family Hanukkah party, from his nephew who solicited the raffle. Read more »


House Dem Candidate Suggests That Jewish Opponent Controls Everything

A Virginia Democrat who is running for the House of Representatives, is in hot water after laying the blame for all of his political grievances and the success of his political opponents at the feet of the highest ranking Jewish representative in Congress – Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

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NYPD Nowhere Close to an Arrest in Menachem Stark Murder Case

white minivan abducted starkBrooklyn, NY – As the weeks and months since the brutal kidnapping and murder of Williamsburg philanthropist Menachem Stark go by, the New York Police Department is nowhere close to making an arrest in the case, sources tell JP.

There are several inspectors, as well as around a dozen detectives working full time on the case, but so far they have made no significant progress that would lead them to apprehend those responsible for this heinous crime.
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Ukraine’s New Prime Minister Has previously Been Accused of Being a ‘Criminal Jew’

Arseniy_YatsenyukKiev, Ukraine – Ukraine’s new prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk who was elected by the parliament following the parliament’s 2014 removal of Viktor Yanukovych, has in a previous political campaign been accused by his opponent of being a Criminal Jew.

According to reports, Uzhgorod Mayor Sergey Ratushniak was commenting on activities of the Front for Change initiative headed by parliament member and now newly appointed prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, a leading presidential candidate at the time whose parents reportedly were Jewish, when he said, “Impudent Jew Yatsenyuk, who was successfully serving to thieves, who are at power in Ukraine, is using criminal money to plow ahead towards Ukraine’s presidency.” Read more »


Opinion: What the Ellen and Obama RTs Tell Us About Twitter

Twitter-followersAs of last night, the popular TV Host Ellen DeGeners had more than twenty five million Twitter followers and more than 2.5 million people retweeted a selfie someone took of her and many Hollywood stars. This number of RTs is record-setting and more than tripled the previous record held by President Obama. But consider this: Tweets by Ellen usually do not hit one thousands retweets, which means most RTs from yesterday’s Selfie are obviously not from her own followers. This begs the question: What percent of a person’s followers actually read tweets? How many tweets do they see from each account they follow? How many people altogether, followers and non followers alike, actually see an average tweet? Read more »


Key FL Democrat and VP Biden Say Racial Comments on Same Day

Alex Sink was the Chief Financial Officer (Comptroller) for Florida until a few years ago. In 2010 she came within 1.1% of winning the Governor’s race after picking up more than 2.55 million votes in the general election vs Rick Scott. Now she is running in #FL13; a special election to the House. Yesterday she said the U.S. needs to reform immigration because “we have a lot of employers over on the beaches that rely upon workers, and  especially in this high-growth environment, where are you going to get people to  work to clean out hotel rooms or do our landscaping?” Read more »


Exclusive: Elderly Holocaust Survivor Found Dead Buried Under Snow in Upstate NY

White Lake, NY – An Elderly Holocaust Survivor was found dead under a snow bank the Sullivan county town of White Lake.

83 Year old Robert Marton, was discovered on Monday morning in front of his house at 606 Happy Avenue, after his neighbor went to check on him after realizing that there are no foot steps in the snow outside his house several days following last week’s snow storm.

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Gestetner: A Tale of Two Big Border States in 300 Words

California and Texas are this Country’s largest states by population. Both are of the largest States geographically; both are along the Border with Mexico, and both suffered through the politically-hyped 2008 economic meltdown. The difference of the two states? One is run by Liberals and the other by Conservatives.

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OPINION: Small Business Owners Will Lose Their Income if Minimum Wage Hike Goes Through

Minimum WageWhile browsing twitter last week, I came across this tweet by CNN’s @Crossfire: “Does raising the minimum wage help the economy? Reply now with Yes or No”. This isn’t the first time this issue has been raised. It has actually been raised quite a lot in the past few weeks. In fact, President Obama at the State of the Union address declared that he will raise the minimum wage for federal workers through executive action. Many Democrats have followed his proposal by engaging States and Cities and making the 2014 mid-term elections about the ‘minimum wage’ issue. But being the fact that CNN asked this question publicly, I figured let me go ahead and check what the responses from fellow Americans were.

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Several Hasidic Families Already Living in Bloomingburg

Bloomingburg developementBloomingburg, NY – As the debacle with the Satmar Hasidic development in Bloomingburg is unfolding, several hasidic families didn’t want to wait for the new houses to be built, they already relocated to Bloomingburg in older houses that were acquired.

Additionally there is a temporary synagogogue and mikvah in the village already, where there are prayer services three times daily. A Monsey Yeshiva is also following suit, the yeshiva will relocate it’s students and staff to Bloomingburg in the coming days. Read more »


Gestetner: Yes, Bush Won San Diego But Here is Why Alvarez’s Loss is BAD for Dems

Voters in San Diego picked yesterday a new Mayor; Republican Kevin Faulconer over local Democrat Councilman David Alvarez by a margin of ten points. To put it in context, Bush the first time around won this place by 4 points and the second time by 6, but President Obama won San Diego by 10 points in 2008 and 5 points the second time around. Meaning, if Democrats thought that Obama’s results are a permanent change in this GOP-leaning California County, yesterday’s result’s proved otherwise. Read more »


Sefer Torah Being Written in Memory of Slain Menachem Stark

Sefer TorahBrooklyn, NY – As family and friend are still coming to grips with the reality of the kidnapping and brutal slaying of Williamsburg Philanthropist Menachem Stark, they are seeking to fill the void left by his passing.

Therefore they have vowed to perpetuate his life and all of his holy endeavors by writing of a brand new Sefer Torah (Torah scroll) to be used and celebrated with in his eternal memory.

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Gestetner: ‘Forward’ Writer Goes Haywire After 68% Polled Don’t Buy his Global Warming Beliefs

A writer by the name Jay Michaelson has an article in the Forward which lashes out at Conservatives with revisionist history and snarky lines. Why? He writes:

“According to a recent study by Yale University, only 32% of Americans believe  that global warming is happening, and that human beings are responsible for it.  This despite a complete – that’s right, complete – consensus on that point on  the part of scientists not working for the fossil fuel industry.” Read more »


Confused With All the CBO-Obamacare Spin? These Charts Simplify It

There has been a strong back and forth in the political class on whether the CBO said last week that Obamacare helps or does not help the economy. The easiest way to asses if Obamacare, according to the CBO, is a net positive or net negative to the economy, employment, the deficit and so on, is to compare the CBO’s economic and budget projections of last week to the ones they released in January 2010; two months before Obamacare was signed. That was the last pre-ACA projections that they made; making it the closest thing to an honest assessment how economic things changed from pre to post ACA. The charts below give you some context on a few key area: Read more »


Borough Park, NY – FDNY Ambulance Collides with Yeshiva School Bus

IMG_0321Brooklyn, NY – Just before 9 p.m. Sunday, an FDNY ambulance responding to a call of an emotionally disturbed person was involved in an accident with a school bus transporting students from the Belz yeshiva in Borough Park.

The accident occurred on Fort Hamilton Parkway in the intersection of 51st Street. Hatzolah volunteer ambulance, EMS, and NYPD responded to the scene.

See Photo Gallery of the Accident HERE Read more »


Stamford Hill Jewish Man Severely Attacked by Loose Illegal Pitbull, Owners Apprehended

Rescuer next to dog tied to pole

Rescuer next to the dog tied to pole

Stamford Hill, London –  A 24 year old Jewish man – a father of one – on the way to his morning prayers, was attacked by an illegal loose pitbull that was roaming the streets.

The attack started at 6:40 this morning when the victim was walking on Holmleigh Road on the way to the Skver Synagogue, when he was attacked by the wild pitbull and thrown to the ground unable to defend himself.

The Attack lasted for about seven minutes until a passing heroic truck driver stopped to intervene, and subdued the animal and tied it to a pole, awaiting the arrival of medical assistance and Hackney Borough Police. Read more »


Jewish GOP House Candidate in NY1 Has Strong Fundraising Numbers

Lee ZeldinNY State Senator Lee Zeldin, one of two Republicans trying to take on Congressman Democrat Tim Bishop in NY1, raised $342,000 in the last three months of 2013 and had $307,315 Cash on Hand when the year came to a close. The other Republican, George Demos, raised only $201K in that quarter and spent most of it, but he loaned his campaign $2.1 million. The incumbent Bishop raised almost $280K in the last three months of 2013 but he has more than a half million dollars in the bank from earlier fundraising.

Zeldin raising more than his fellow and well-connected Republican and falling only $38K short of an incumbent Congressman in the last quarter, is seen as a good start for the 34 year old candidate but Demos’ vast personal wealth and Bishop’s incumbency are two realities that are already putting Zeldin behind as seen from the COH totals of all the candidates.


Gestetner: Dems Can’t Have it Both Ways on SNAP, Clinton

Yossi GestetnerIn 2012, about 46 million Americans were living in poverty and about 46 million Americans were on Food Stamps (SNAP). How does this stack up from an historical point of view? Well, in Bill Clinton’s last budget year, about 30 million Americans were in poverty but only 17 million received SNAP.

Basically, under Clinton the number of people on SNAP was only about 55% of the amount of people living in poverty, but in 2012 under Obama it was about 100% (see chart below).

And here is the issue: Read more »


Gestetner: Here is Why WestMed’s Decision Matters to NY Jews

The Westchester Medical Center in Westchester New York announced that it will not accept ACA (Obamacare) health plans. While this is not the first down-state hospital to announce this, it will effect to New York (Orthodox) Jewish Community in a very strong way and here is why:

Rockland County is home to the third largest concentration of Jews worldwide, following Israel and Brooklyn. Unofficial data from the local Hatzolah (Jewish EMS) suggests that about half its Ambulance calls are transported out of the County; half of which are taken to WestMed. This means 1 in 4 of all Rockland calls within the Jewish Community land up in Westchester (The Medical Center in Westchester is referred to just as “Westchester” by the local medical community). 50% kids under the age of three with fever who request emergency care, are transported to Westchester. Basically, aside from the Community hospitals in Rockland County, this is the closest major hospital that the Jewish Community in Rockland has to its disposal. Read more »


CHARTS: Will the Country Survive These Food Stamps Cuts?

Food Stamps[Charts Below] Earlier last week, the House agreed to a ten year Farm Bill that will according to Media cut Food Stamps (SNAP) by $8 billion over the next decade. The fight is on to have the Senate strip these cuts from the bill, and the Washington Post went so far as to ask the White House to veto the bill if the Senate goes ahead and approves what the House easily passed.

Below are two charts that put the planned cuts in perspective. One chart shows the year-by-year Food Stamps budget through the planned cuts of 2017. The other chart places the Food Stamps spending by four-year groups also through 2017. (The Government Sources for the data are available here and here) Read more »


Orthodox Jews – The Future of the GOP in NY?

Ezra Friedlander RomneyNew York State has 150 Assembly Districts, but one district stood out extremely strong in the last presidential elections: Assembly District 48 represented by Assemblyman Dov Hikind who arguably has the largest Ultra-Orthodox Jewish constituency of anyone in the lower chamber of the NY State Legislature.

75.6% of the district went for Mitt Romney in the 2012 elections. The closest NY Romney Assembly District does not even break the 60% mark! John McCain in 2008 also scored very well in this area of New York. Read more »


Turx: Can Radical Islam Succeed Where the Nazis Failed? They Certainly Seem to Think So….

Sochi 2014 Company OlympicsSo here we are, in 2014, and radical Islam is vowing to attack Russia in middle of the winter. In middle of the Winter Olympics, that is. Why? Because what better time or place to run around with ski masks without arousing suspicions than in Russia, in the dead of winter?

The Winter Olympics are set to launch in about two weeks (in the future or in the past, depending on when exactly it is that you’re reading this), in Sochi, Russia. Sochi, in southern Russia, is located a mere 300 miles from the terror hotbed that is Chechnya. (On a grand scale, 300 miles is pretty close. To put that into perspective, 300 miles is like from here – my office, that is – to 300 miles straight up in the air! That’s literally just a stones-throw away, folks!) Terrorists of the region have sworn by everything and anything they consider holy (exactly what these terrorists consider holy is up for debate, and I’m quite certain that many wars have been fought amongst various Islamist sects to settle this very query) to disrupt the events and festivities. Read more »

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