Former President Peres Criticizes Netanyahu’s ‘Jewish State’ Bill At Ben Gurion Ceremony

netanyahu peres(AP). Israel’s former president has come out against a bill floated by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that would define Israel as “the Jewish state.”

At a ceremony alongside Netanyahu on Thursday, Shimon Peres said the legislation was driven by political interests, would hurt the country’s image and erode Israel’s “democratic principles.” Read more »

Dems 2016 Fight: Who’ll Become Hillary’s Campaign Manager

Photo: Courtesy of Ruby Cramer

Photo: Courtesy of Ruby Cramer

The dominant topic among Democrats these days is the debate over who will be chosen to serve as Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager once she makes her expected announcement that she is seeking the Democratic nomination for president in the 2016 race. “That is all everyone wants to know,” said a political operative attending last week’s annual meeting of the Ready for Hillary super PAC finance committee.

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WH’s Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Includes Six Pies For Dessert



(AP). President Barack Obama spent a quiet Thanksgiving at the White House where the belly-stuffing menu featured all the holiday’s basics.

There was thyme-roasted turkey and honey-baked ham, cornbread stuffing and oyster stuffing, braised winter greens and macaroni and cheese. Don’t forget the green bean casserole, sweet potato gratin, mashed potatoes and dinner rolls. Read more »

Outrage: Venezuelan Legislator Claims Zionists Financed Hitler

El ZabayarA Latin American Jewish group is demanding the removal from office of a Venezuelan legislator who stated that “Zionists” were the main financiers of Hitler.

Congressman Adel El Zabayar, a member of Venezuela’s National Assembly, contended in a broadcast interview with the Hezbollah-sponsored Al Manar TV based out of Lebanon that, “In order to understand what is happening today in the Middle East and what happened in the world in the First and Second World Wars, we must examine the original Zionist conspiracy. If we look into who financed Hitler before World War II we will see that the main financiers were the Zionists.”

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Wigan Athletic Owner Officially Charged By The Football Association Over Anti-Jewish Remarks

Dave Whelan Wigan Athletic Owner(AP). The English Football Association has charged the chairman of Wigan for making controversial comments about Jewish and Chinese people in a newspaper interview.

The FA says that Dave Whelan’s remarks “were abusive and/or insulting and/or constitute improper conduct and/or bring the game into disrepute.” Read more »

Conservative Judaism’s JTS ‘Alarmed’ By Israel’s ‘Jewish State Law’

Jewish_Theological_Seminary_of_America_230262The Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS), Conservative Judaism’s New York-based flagship rabbinical training institute, has expressed its opposition to Israel’s proposed “Jewish State Law,” which would codify into law Israel’s status as the Jewish state. The “Jewish State Law” consists of two bills formulated by three Knesset members: Ze’ev Elkin (Likud), Yariv Levin (Likud), and Ayelet Shaked (Jewish Home). Read more »







Pope Condemns Islamic State Violence In Interview To Israel’s Daily Yediot

pope in Israel 2(AP). On the eve of a trip to the Middle East, Pope Francis is urging religious and political leaders to speak out against attacks on Christians by Islamic State extremists.

In an interview published Thursday, Francis was quoted as saying that the persecution of Christians today is “the worst” it has been since Christianity’s earliest days. “In Iraq, for example, barbaric, criminal indescribable things are being committed,” he was quoted as telling the Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot. Read more »

Minnesota University Student Rep: Pro-Israel Students ‘Hate Group’ Like KKK

Via Mizbala

Via Mizbala

The University of Minnesota’s graduate student representative to the Board of Regents stated that Students Supporting Israel (SSI) was similar in nature to the Ku Klux Klan.

Damien Carriere called SSI a “hate group” in a series of e-mails he disseminated to the college’s student government executive board in a campaign to remove the founder of the pro-Israel group from the Student Services Committee, which oversees the distribution of millions of dollars in funds to various student groups.

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Polls: Netanyahu/Likud Would Benefit Most From Early Elections

MIDEAST ISRAEL POLITICSAmid talks of possible early elections for Prime Minister and the Knesset, two new polls released Thursday morning show Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud party poised to win the most votes and slated to serve as prime minister for a fourth term.

According to a poll conducted by Rafi Smith Institution for Globes, as well as a poll conducted by Panels for the Knesset Channel, Likud would get 23 projected seats if elections were held today. Read more »

Veteran US Diplomat Ross: Iran May Be Unable to Make Final Nuke Deal

Dennis RossIran’s stubborn refusal to alter its positions during recent rounds of talks over its progressing nuclear program indicates Tehran’s negotiators may be incapable of finalizing a comprehensive agreement, veteran United States diplomat Dennis Ross posited on Tuesday.

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Ukraine Elects First Jewish Speaker In New Parliament



Ukraine’s 450-seat parliament elected on Thursday its first Jewish Speaker, as it convened for the first time since the embattled country’s elections in October.

Volodymyr Groysman was elected Speaker of the parliament, considered the third-most important post in the country after the Prime minister and President, and, like in Israel, is the first to stand in for the president if the head of state is unable to fulfill his duties. Read more »

Israel to NATO: Discipline Turkey For Hosting Hamas HQ



Israel has appealed to NATO and demanded that the intergovernmental military alliance take action against Turkey, after the Jewish state discovered that Turkey has allowed Hamas to establish operational headquarters in Istanbul.

According to senior political sources in Jerusalem, the terrorist Palestinian organization has chosen to move its diplomatic and military headquarters from Damascus to Turkey’s largest city, in order to escape the threats posed by the civil war tearing apart Syria.

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Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg Not Expected To Retire After Heart Surgery

ruth ginsberg(AP). Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had a heart stent implanted on Wednesday, reviving talk about how long the 81-year-old liberal jurist will be staying on the court.

Ginsburg was expected back at work on Monday, but her hospitalization — just three weeks after elections handed Republicans control of the Senate — raised anew the question whether President Barack Obama would be able to appoint a like-minded replacement. Read more »

UK2015 – Miliband Tells Pro-Palestinian Group He’s Proud Of Palestine Recognition Vote

miliband palestineBritish Labour leader Ed Miliband defended his party’s support for the recognition of a Palestinian state, in a speech to a pro-Palestinian group on Wednesday.

Mr Miliband, who’s Jewish, told pro-Palestinian activists at a gala dinner for the Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East group that he was proud to support a backbench motion in the Commons last month which urged the British coalition government to acknowledge the Palestinian statehood immediately. Read more »

ISIS Vows To Fly Flag Over Islam’s Holy Sites, Including Jerusalem



The Islamic State has threatened to make it all the way to Jerusalem “even if the Jews and Crusaders despise it.” The threat appears in the foreword of the fifth edition of the organization’s official magazine, Dabiq.

The front cover of the English language magazine’s fifth issue featured a picture of Islam’s holiest site, the Masjid al-Haram, or the Grand Mosque, in the Saudi city of Mecca, with a pledge to seize it.
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Ayatollah Khamenei Says He’s Not Opposed To Continued Nuclear Talks

Grand Ayatollah Khamenei Iran(AP). Iran’s top leader is saying he won’t stand in the way of continued nuclear negotiations with world powers.

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei spoke Thursday on Iranian state television, saying “I am not opposed to the extension of the talks, for the same reason that I wasn’t opposed to the talks per se.” Read more »

Argentina Agrees To Provide Kosher Food To Patients In Hospital

Israel-ArgentinaThe Argentine National Ministry of Health signed an agreement to serve kosher food to patients that request it, JTA reports.

The agreement was signed Wednesday by Minister of Health Juan Luis Manzur, and the Argentinian Jewish political umbrella DAIA. Kosher food will now be available on demand in every public hospital in the country. Read more »

BREAKING: Shots Fired From Gaza At IDF Border Patrol Vehicle

Shots were fired from the Gaza Strip at an IDF vehicle patrolling near the border on Thursday, the IDF said.

IDF forces responded by firing a shell in the direction of the source of fire.
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NYC’s 311 Launches App Allowing Tenants To File Heat Complaints From Mobile

311 app 1311 Executive Director Joseph Morrisroe, Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT) Commissioner Anne M. Roest, and New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) Commissioner Vicki Been announced today that with Heat Season underway, the City has released an update for the 311 Mobile Application, which allows tenants to register heat and hot water complaints from their mobile devices for the first time. Read more »

Report: Netanyahu Seeking Haredi Commitment To Join Gov’t After Early Elections

litzmanPrime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is reportedly seeking commitments from the Haredi parties that they would recommend him for prime minister for a 4th term, as he mulls calling for early Knesset elections, sources in Shas and United Torah Judaism said on Wednesday.

The sources confirmed a Channel 2 report that the prime minister had asked them to commit to support him forming the next government after a general election. Netanyahu has reportedly settled for for a private promise. Read more »

130 Arrested In Los Angeles, 35 In Oakland In Ferguson-Related Protests



(AP). Police in Oakland and Los Angeles arrested scores of demonstrators during a third night of unrest linked to the shooting protest in Ferguson, Missouri.

At least 130 demonstrators who refused to disperse during a Los Angeles protest were arrested Wednesday night, while 35 people were detained in Oakland following a march that deteriorated into unrest and vandalism, according to police officials. Read more »

Israel Says It Busted Hamas Cell Planning Attacks In Jerusalem

jaffa gate jerusalem(AP). Israel’s Shin Bet security service said Thursday it had uncovered a vast Hamas network in the West Bank that was planning large-scale attacks against Israelis in Jerusalem.

The Shin Bet said it arrested more than 30 Hamas militants who planned to kidnap Israelis and carry out attacks against Jerusalem’s light rail and its largest soccer stadium, among other targets. It said the men were trained and recruited in Jordan and Turkey and that various arms and explosives were recovered. Read more »

Bulgaria Awards ADL’s Foxman With Nation’s Highest Honor

Foxman-Plevneliev_380Abraham Foxman, National Director of the Anti Defamation League, was awarded Bulgaria’s highest honor by the nation’s president Rosen Plevneliev.

The Honorary Sign of the Bulgarian Head of State award and a formal dinner hosted at the Presidency in Sofia, highlighted a three-day visit by ADL leaders to Bulgaria, at the invitation of President Plevneliev. Read more »

78-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Reunited with Rescuer

Mira Wexler and Weglowska meet after years HolocaustA 78-year-old Holocaust survivor was reunited with her rescuer on Wednesday, nearly 70 years after they’ve last seen each other.

Mira Wexler came to the United States from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she now lives with her family, to meet Helena Weglowska, the woman that sheltered and secretly fed Wexler during World War Two. Read more »

Ferguson Residents Clean up, Hope for Calm Night



(AP) — Business owners and residents boarded up windows and cleared away debris Wednesday as Ferguson sought a tentative return to normal after two nights of unrest over the grand jury decision in the Michael Brown case.

Protesters continued to hold scattered demonstrations, including a group that rushed into St. Louis City Hall screaming “Shame, shame.” Police locked down the building and called in more than a hundred extra officers. Three people were arrested. Read more »

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