UPDATED: Infant Dead, Several Wounded In Terror Attack At Light Rail Station In Jerusalem [VIDEO]

terror jerusalemA suspected terrorist attack at the light rail station in the ‘Givat HaTachmoshet’ neighborhood of Jerusalem by a passing vehicle has caused injuries to several bystanders, Ichud Hatzalah said.

According to Rosy Roth, a member if Ichud Hatzalah, a Palestinian terrorist ran over bystanders that stepped off the light rail train at the Givat Hatachmoshet station. Shot were fired at the terrorist, who was injured but remains conscious. Read more »

Soldier Shot at Canadian Parliament Shooting; Shooter At Large

via Twitter/ @globeandmail

via Twitter/ @globeandmail

(AP). Police say a soldier standing guard at the National War Memorial has been by an unknown gunman.

Ottawa police confirmed they had a call at 9:52 a.m. Wednesday with a report of shots fired, and witnesses reported seeing a gunman running toward Parliament Hill, which is under lockdown. Others on the Hill told Canadian Press they heard shots being fired in several different corridors. Read more »







DNC Chairwoman Wasserman-Schultz Calls Midterm Election For Senate ‘Neck And Neck’

Debbie-Wasserman-Schultz(AP). The head of the Democratic Party says the mid-term campaign for control of the Senate is “a neck and neck” situation.

Florida Congresswoman Deborah Wasserman-Schultz says Nov. 4 isn’t a referendum on President Barack Obama. And she’s brushing off talk that endangered Democratic Senate incumbents are trying to avoid associating with President Barack Obama. Read more »

Missile, Fire From Egypt Wounds Two Israeli Soldiers



(AP). Attackers from the Egyptian side of the border fired an anti-tank missile and gunshots at an Israeli military vehicle on Wednesday, wounding two soldiers in a rare cross-border incident, the military said.

The military said the attack occurred in southern Negev Desert, and that the soldiers were evacuated to a hospital in Israel. Read more »







NYGov – Poll: Astorino Gains As He Gets More Known To Voters, Still Trails Cuomo By 21 Points

Courtesy of Astorino2014

Courtesy of Astorino2014

Republican gubernatorial hopeful Rob Astorinoi is gaining support with less than two weeks until Election Day, though he still trails incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo by 21 points (54-33), according to the latest Siena College Poll of likely voters. Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins received nine percent and 4 percent remain undecided.

Astorino leads Cuomo 43-41 among men and 46-44 in the suburbs. Cuomo has a large 65-25 lead among women  and a 72-16 lead in New York City. Read more »

WJC’s Lauder: U.S Law Should Be Changed To Stop Social Sec. Benefits to Nazi Officers

Auschwitz World War 2 Nazi(AP). An influential Jewish advocacy group said Tuesday it no longer supports allowing suspected Nazi war criminals to receive Social Security benefits.

World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder said in a statement to The Associated Press that U.S. law should be changed to stop the payments. Read more »







Tight Georgia Senate Race Garners National and Jewish Communal Attention

nunn georgia senate(By Dmitriy Shapiro/JNS). As Republicans look poised to take control of the U.S. Senate after November’s midterm elections, Senate races in a couple of states have tightened, with both political parties re-directing their funds toward key toss-up races before Election Day. In Georgia, a state with a sizable Jewish voter block, the race to fill the open seat of retiring Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss is attracting truckloads of cash from outside the state for advertising buys. Read more »

Bedouin Israeli Doctor Mysteriously Turns Jihadi

Othman Abu al-Qiyan(AP). He was a quiet whiz kid at the top of his class in Israel, who overcame tough odds in this minority Arab village to become a star medical student and hospital intern.

Could Othman Abu al-Qiyan have been radicalized by Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians — or something else? Read more »

AD48 – Caller: Hikind Permitted ‘Unconcealed Discrimination’ Of Housing For BP/Flatbush Community ‘To Flourish’

2014-10-21 21.28.14The election for the 48th Assembly District – that consists of Borough Park, Midwood and parts of Flatbush – is in high gear. For the first time in decades, a sitting Assemblyman is being challenged by a member of the community, in what seems to be an exciting and competitive race in one of the largest Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods outside of Israel. Read more »

World Jewish Congress Shifts View, Calls on US to Stop Nazi Benefit Payments



(AP). An influential Jewish advocacy group said Tuesday it no longer supports allowing suspected Nazi war criminals to receive Social Security benefits.

World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder said in a statement to The Associated Press that U.S. law should be changed to stop the payments. Read more »

FBI Investigating Possibility of Three Denver Girls Trying to Join Islamic State

FBIThe FBI stopped three Denver teenagers while in Germany after receiving information that the girls were trying to join the Islamic State extremists group in Syria.

A law enforcement official told ABC News that the girls, aged 15 or 16, were trying “to fulfill what they believe is some vision that has been put out on a slick media campaign” by Jihadists groups in Syria. Read more »

Suspect in Attack on Canadian Forces Linked to ‘Terrorist Ideology’



(AP) — A young convert to Islam who killed a Canadian soldier in a hit-and-run had been on the radar of federal investigators, who feared he had jihadist ambitions and had seized his passport, authorities said Tuesday.

The suspect was shot dead by police after a chase in the Quebec city of Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu. A second soldier suffered minor injuries in Monday’s attack. Read more »

Christie: I’m Tired of Hearing About Minimum Wage



NJ Gov. Chris Christie took a hard line against President Obama and the Democrats for trying to increase the minimum wage at every available opportunity, and using the issue as a main campaign point for the midterm elections.

Speaking at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s annual Legal Reform Summit in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, Christie told the audience that he’s ‘tired’ of all this minimum wage talk. Read more »

Top Party Officials Head to Iowa to Garner Early Votes



As Election Day comes closer, high-profile party officials are emerging in swing states trying to garner the most support, and early votes, for their party’s candidate.

In Iowa, Bruce Braley had once been a favorite to win the seat held for 30 years by retiring Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin. But now he’s running even with Republican Joni Ernst, a first-term state senator. Read more »

Montgomery GOP Drops Support of County Council Candidate Over Anti-Semitic Email

Jim KirklandJim Kirkland who’s running on the Republican line against incumbent Roger Berliner (D), for County Council in the 1st District, has lost his support from the official Republican Party after they reviewed an ant-Semitic email he sent.

In an email sent to the Washington Post back in February, Kirkland was complaining about a fine his elderly mother received from the County, for failing to repair her roof over the Christmas Holiday. Read more »

North Korea Releases One American Detainee



Six months after his arrest, Jeffrey Fowle, who’s been detained in North Korea last May for leaving a bible at a nightclub in the northern port city of Chongjin, has now been released.

The State Department confirmed his release in a statement welcoming North Korea’s decision. “While this is a positive decision by the DPRK, we remain focused on the continued detention of Kenneth Bae and Matthew Miller and again call on the DPRK to immediately release them,” the statement read. Read more »

American Studies Group Receives Renewed Scrutiny Over Boycott Of Israel

Credit: Magnus Manske via Wikimedia Commons

Credit: Magnus Manske via Wikimedia Commons

(By Alina Dain Sharon/JNS). About a year after the American Studies Association’s (ASA) widely condemned vote to endorse a boycott of Israeli academic institutions, the organization’s policy on Israel is receiving renewed scrutiny over a practical application of that vote.

The ASA’s 2014 annual meeting, to be held Nov. 6-9 at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles, has garnered criticism for a stated (and subsequently amended) policy of excluding Israeli academics.

Read more »

Forthcoming Cuomo Bio Will Follow NY Gov’s Poorly-Selling Memoir



A new biography of New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo is set to go on sale in early 2015.

“The Contender,” written by Vanity Fair contributing editor Michael Shnayerson, is scheduled to be released on Feb. 17. The planned cover features a striking photo of Cuomo staring off in the distance. Read more »

Allegation: US Refused to Help Israel Find Soldier Missing in Gaza

oron shaulUnited States officials have rejected claims that Washington declined to help Israel find a missing soldier killed in Gaza during the war with Hamas in July, calling the accusation “incorrect and misleading.”

An American researcher made the claim on Friday that the FBI and Justice Department refused to provide Israel with any assistance in its search for Staff Sgt. Oron Shaul, one of two soldiers whose bodies are being held by Hamas in Gaza.

Read more »

Kiryas Joel, NY – NYSP Arrests Two Youths After Finding Drugs In Their Vehicle

Two teenagers were arrested Monday night in the village of Kiryas Joel after the New York State Police discovered a large amount of drugs in their vehicle during a routine traffic stop, a Police source told JP.

The 2 teenagers, whom one of them was identified as Lucas Kolakowski, 20 years old, from Highland Mills, NY, were driving on Acres road when they were stopped by cops for conducting a traffic violation, cops said. The identity of the second boy is being withheld since he is under the age of 18. Read more »

England: Independence Party Members Rationalize Alliance With MP From Anti-Semite-Led Party

UKIP_logoLeading Jewish members of the UK Independence Party in England have made statements backing up the party’s defense of its alliance with a member of Parliament whose party leader has been known to utter racial slurs and express doubts about the Holocaust.

The group in the European Parliament known as Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy recruited Polish MEP Robert Iwaszkiewicz, who is a member of the Congress of the New Right led by Janusz Korwin-Mikke.

Read more »

Council Members Meet NYPD Commissioner Bratton Over Rise In Anti-Semitic Attacks in NYC

greenfield nypdThe NYPD vowed to combat and put an end to the rise of antisemitism in the City of New York  after meeting a City Council delegation, Councilman David Greenfield said on Wednesday.

Last week, just hours before Shemini Atzeres, Council Members Greenfield, Mark Treyger and Stephen Levin, met with Police Commissioner William Bratton and his top staff to discuss the recent 39% rise in anti-Semitic crimes around New York City. Read more »

Ya’alon: Palestinians Want To Destroy the Jewish State

bdb yaalon 2The Palestinians have never been interested in a “Two-State solution,” Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon stated Tuesday, during a visit to the United States.

“Their goal is not to establish a Palestinian state along ’67 borders, but to destroy the Jewish state,” Ya’alon stated during an interview on PBS. “That is the reason why they have never said the term ‘two states for two peoples’: they don’t want to recognize that a Jewish state [exists].” Read more »

Homeland Security Orders New Screening for Ebola



(AP). Everyone coming to the United States from the three West African countries at the center of the Ebola outbreak will now be screened for the deadly disease at one of five airports, the Homeland Security Department said Tuesday.

Earlier this month, Customs and Border Protection officers at New York’s Kennedy, Newark Liberty, Washington’s Dulles, Chicago’s O’Hare and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta airports started screening people arriving from West Africa. Read more »

British Man Extradited To NY On Terrorist Training Charges

abu_hamza_prayingA British man who has been charged by authorities with conspiring to establish a terrorist training camp in Oregon, is being flown from London to New York on Tuesday by United States officials after fighting extradition for nine years.

Haroon Rashid Aswat is facing federal charges of conspiring with radical Muslim cleric Mustafa Kamel Mustafa, also known as Abu Hamza al-Masri, to set up the training camp in Bly, Oregon, 15 years ago.

Read more »

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