NJ College Jewish Student Leader Feels Threatened After Swastika Drawn Outside Dorm Room

A prominent Jewish student at Kean University in New Jersey has become somewhat traumatized as a result of a recent incident wherein images resembling swastikas were drawn outside his dorm room door.

Nathaniel Sietz was returning to his room on the Kean campus one night earlier this month, when he saw the apparent symbols of anti-Semitic hate smeared into the text on the whiteboard that hangs next to the door.

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Arab Idol Winner Wants To Give Back to Gaza



(AP). Last year’s feel-good winner of the TV singing contest Arab Idol said Wednesday he wants to give back to Gaza, where he grew up, by setting up an arts center nurturing young musicians, writers and actors.

The center would be funded by Palestinian Americans who have pledged support, Mohammed Assaf, 24, said in an interview in the Gaza City office of The Associated Press. Read more »







NYgov- Cuomo, Astorino Point Fingers At Each Other Over Race, Ethics At TV Debate

via Twitter

via Twitter

(AP). New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his Republican challenger traded insults and clashed over the economy and corruption during the only scheduled debate of the governor’s race.

During Wednesday’s hour-long exchange Cuomo, a Democrat, cited his work to cut taxes and make government more efficient. He said Rob Astorino’s views on abortion, immigration and housing desegregation make him too conservative to lead New York. Read more »

Palestinian Internal Rivalry Slowing Down Gaza Rebuilding



(AP). Several dozen tons of cement bags stored in a warehouse are one of the few tangible achievements so far of a $2.7 billion plan to rebuild war-wrecked Gaza Strip.

The program was launched with high expectations at an international conference in Cairo on Oct. 12, but has run into obstacles, including wrangling between the rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah for control in Gaza and what officials say has been a trickle of promised aid. Read more »







Five Finalists To Square Off Over Title Of World’s Funniest Person In Vegas

laugh factory(AP). An international search to find the world’s funniest person is moving to Las Vegas, where people will get to see five finalists square off in an Olympics of comedy that pits France, Finland and other countries against one another.

The finalists were determined by online voters who saw 10 comics take the stage at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood during a Monday night jokefest that was streamed on the club’s website. Read more »

DSCC Reverses Course, Buys Ad Time in Kentucky Senate Race



Just a week after they’ve pulled out of the Kentucky race, Senate Democrats have now reversed course and decided to go back up on the air with TV commercials in support of Alison Lundergan Grimes.

Grimes is running against Senate minority leader Mitch McConell. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee last week stopped paying for television ads in Kentucky, a decision many saw as a sign that Grimes is losing support. Read more »







More Americans Trust GOP to Protect the Country from Terrorism

nypd counter terrorWith the rising threat posed by the Islamic State and other terror factions, Americans trust the Republican Party to protect them, more so than Democrats, an issue that may lead the Republican Party to a win on Election Day.

A recent AP/Gfk poll, showed that more Americans (52%) disapprove of the way President Obama is handling the threat of terrorism, than approve (47%). Among likely voters, the difference is slightly larger, with 55% disapproving while 45% approve.

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NC6 — GOP Hopeful Mark Walker Promises Jewish Voters to Represent Them in Congress

Mark Walker North CarolinaAppearing on the Triade Today TV program together with his opponent for the North Carolina Sixth Congressional District, Republican hopeful Mark Walker, who’s a Protestant Minister, said that if elected, his votes in Congress will reflect the views of all his constituents, including Jewish voters.

Walker upset high-profile candidate Phil Berger Jr. in a bitter Republican runoff, even though retiring Congressman Howard Coble (R) endorsed Berger. Walker is now facing his Democratic opponent Laura Fjeld, but Walker seems to be the favorite candidate to win the general election, considering the district’s  heavily conservative tilt. Read more »

Fatah, Hamas Rivalries Cause Gaza Aid, Reconstruction to Trickle



(AP) — Several dozen tons of cement bags stored in a warehouse are one of the few tangible achievements so far of a $2.7 billion plan to rebuild war-wrecked Gaza Strip.

The program was launched with high expectations at an international conference in Cairo on Oct. 12, but has run into obstacles, including wrangling between the rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah for control in Gaza and what officials say has been a trickle of promised aid. Read more »

State Dept. Condemns Despicable Terrorist Attack in Jerusalem

terror jerusalemFollowing the news of a terrorist attack in Jerusalem earlier on Wednesday in which a 3-month-old baby was killed, the US State Department released a statement condemning the attack  “in the strongest possible terms.”

The 3-month-old girl, Chaya Zisel Braun hy“d died from her wounds after a Palestinian terrorist drove his car into a crowd of people at a Jerusalem train station.  Read more »

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Two ECU Students Appear in Court for Spray Painting Swastika on Apartment Door

swastika ecuTwo students from the East Carolina University appeared in court on Wednesday for charges that they spray painted a swastika on an apartment door. Authorities said the apartment was targeted due to the religious beliefs of a resident.

Back in September the two suspects, Timothy Scott Gill Jr., 21, of Greenville, and Brandon Daniel Friedhoff, 20, of Greenville, were charged with ethnic intimidation, injury to property, and first degree trespassing. Read more »

HEARTRENDING PHOTOS: Jerusalem Mourns Murder Of 3 Months Old Baby, Chaya Zisel Braun HY”D

chaya ziselHundreds attended Wednesday evening the funeral of the 3 month old baby, an American citizen, that was killed earlier in the day by a cold blooded Palestinian terrorist who drove his car into a crowd of people at a Jerusalem train station.

Chaya Zisel Braun hy“d died from her wounds and was laid to rest at Jerusalem’s Har HaMenuchot cemetery at midnight. Read more »

US Attorney Bharara: Corruption in Albany Remains Major Problem

Preet_BhararaThe United States Attorney for New York spoke out against the culture of corruption in Albany on Wednesday, mere hours before the only debate in the current governor’s race.

Bharara has been conducting an investigation into whether Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his staff unduly interfered with the work of a corruption-seeking commission that Cuomo suddenly disbanded in March as the group looked into numerous potential misdeeds by legislators and state officials.

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NBC Photog With Jewish Roots Cured of Ebola

NBC photographer Ashoka MukpoNBC photographer Ashoka Mukpo – who made headlines when he was diagnosed with the potentially fatal Ebola disease – has now been cured and given permission to leave the hospital where he has been under medical care.

Mukpo, whose biological father is Jewish, was set to check out of the Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha on Wednesday. The television news photographer arrived there from Liberia on October 6.

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JP Business: Ratner Seeking to Sell Majority Share of Brooklyn’s Barclays Center

barklays centerDeveloper Bruce Ratner, a minority owner of the Brooklyn Nets basketball team, has announced that he is looking to sell his majority share of the Brooklyn-based Barclays Center.

“Our goal is to identify a strategic partner as we continue to capitalize on the great performance of Barclays Center and the promise of Nassau Coliseum,” Barclays Center spokesman Barry Baum stated. “The current management team [Ratner and Barclays Center CEO Brett Yormark] will continue in its existing role.”

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Bloomingburg, NY – RCC’s Lawyer Quits, Calls Them Liars For Refusing To Pay Owed Fees

chaseThe opponents of the Hasidic community in the village of Bloomingburg are struggling to scrap together some money to pay their attorney in the years long fight against the new developments and the incoming Hasidic community.

Last Friday, Jonathan A. Chase, the lawyer for the opponents of the Hasidic community, has asked to withdraw for the lawsuit they put in to force the community to vote by paper ballot and challenged all their registrations in the most recent referendum, because he hasn’t been paid his fees in the amount of $7,585, according to the papers that were filed in court. Read more »

Netanyahu: Abbas Encouraged Terror Attack In Jerusalem

terror jerusalemIsrael Prime Minister on Wednesday placed the sole responsibility of the fatal terror attack in Jerusalem on the shoulders of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

“This is how Abbas’ partners in government [Hamas] act. This is the same Abbas who, only a few days ago, incited toward a terrorist attack in Jerusalem,” Netanyahu said in a statement. Read more »

Israel’s Economy Minister Bennett: Gaza War Shows Pointlessness of Two-State Solution

Naftali Bennett - Jewish PressThis past summer’s extended military conflict with Hamas – which witnessed tens of thousands of rockets raining down on Israel from Gaza – has led most Israelis to reject the two-state solution, Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennett stated. The politically conservative government official – who is considered by informed observers to be a potential prime minister - said that the time has come to think about “new models” rather than an independent Palestinian state. Read more »

Former NY Times Exec Editor Abramson to Run New Journalistic Startup

Jill_Abramson_2012Former New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson - whose firing after only a brief tenure sparked an outcry from many women - announced on Monday that she is in the initial stages of establishing a startup aimed at offering “real money” to journalists who will commit to long-term projects.

Speaking at Boston University, Abramson disclosed that she has been working with prominent journalist Steven Brill on the startup. Abramson was an early contributor of material to Brill’s magazine American Lawyer, and worked there for nearly a decade as a writer.

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Israel: Livni & Lapid to Form United Left-Wing Front on Peace, Religion

Tzipi Livni - funeralIsraeli Justice Minister and Hatnua party leader Tzipi Livni revealed on Wednesday that she is planning to establish a united political front with Finance Minister Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid party “for the advancement of the peace process.” Livni stated that in the Knesset session about to begin, the left-wing leaders will create a united front in the government and the Knesset in the area of diplomacy. “One bloc, 25 mandates,” she declared. “Together, in favor of a diplomatic arrangement, against Danny Danon-ism and against nationalism.”

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Record-Breaker: Billionaire Steyer Surpasses Adelson With $55M Super PAC Donation

adelson-190Billionaire casino magnate Sheldon Adelson – a major financial supporter of Israel-related causes as well as Republican candidates for elected office – garnered headlines during the 2012 presidential campaign for contributing a record-setting $50 million of his own fortune into super PACs, for the purpose of choosing a Republican candidate generally aligned with Adelson’s views who could unseat President Obama. But Adelson’s $49.8 million record was overtaken in September by fellow billionaire Tom Steyer, who donated $55 million to his NextGen Climate Action Committee super PAC.

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Israeli Defense Minister Ya’alon: Hamas Now Uses Turkey as Terrorist Headquarters

yaalon hagelDuring a meeting with U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel at the Pentagon on Tuesday, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon sharply criticized Turkey for lending substantial support to Hamas. “Turkey is playing a cynical game,” Ya’alon asserted to Hagel. “Hamas is supported by Turkey and Qatar. Hamas has two terror headquarters — in Gaza and in Istanbul.” Read more »

AG Hopeful John Cahill: Schneiderman Has Ignored The Orthodox Jewish Community In Brooklyn

2014-10-21 21.15.48Republican candidate for New York State Attorney General, John Cahill on Tuesday introduced himself to the Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn, as he fights an uphill battle to defeat the Jewish incumbent, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

Cahill, a former chief of staff to the community’s darling – former Governor George Pataki, addressed some 50 activist at the Orthodox Jewish Political Club (OJPC) monthly meeting at the Seville Manor in Borough Park. Read more »

Top Dems to Obama: Congress Must Be Included Now in Iran Nuke Talks

Engel PodiumIn an effort to secure a bigger role in the West’s nuclear negotiations with Iran, key Democrats have started to openly criticize the Obama administration for its plans to push off an immediate vote on a deal intended to stem Tehran’s ongoing nuclear program.

“I disagree with the administration’s reported assertion that it does not need to come to Congress at this point during negotiations with Iran,” asserted Congressman Eliot Engel (D-NY), the House Foreign Affairs Committee’s leading Democrat, on Tuesday.

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