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Top GOP Senators Look To Restrict Obama On Guantanamo

Kelly Ayotte, Lindsey Graham, John McCain(AP). Citing the terrorist attacks in Paris, newly empowered Republican senators on Tuesday proposed restrictions on President Barack Obama’s ability to transfer terror suspects out of the federal prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for the remainder of his term. The White House acknowledged that congressional action makes it difficult for Obama to fulfill his goal of closing the facility.

“Now is not the time to be emptying Guantanamo,” Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire told reporters at a Capitol Hill news conference in which she warned of fresh threats, bemoaned recent releases from the U.S. naval facility to other countries and introduced far-reaching legislation. Read more »


Kerry Appeals to Vatican to Help Free American Jailed in Cuba

alan gross cuba prisonNBC News: Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday called on the Vatican to help secure the release of an American contractor who has been jailed in Cuba for nearly five years.

“I raised the issue of Alan Gross and his captivity, and we hope very much that there might be able to be assistance with respect to that issue,” Kerry said. Read more »


Video – Judy Gross Reads Alan’s Letter: President Obama, Bring Me Home

On the fourth anniversary of his imprisonment in Cuba, former U.S. government contractor Alan Gross said he fears his country has “abandoned” him and appealed to President Obama to personally intervene in his case.

At a demonstration outside the White house Tuesday, his wife Judy Gross read Alan’s plea to the President in a written statement he sent from a Cuban jail. “I am only one man, but I am a citizen of the greatest country on earth, a country I was serving in my work in Cuba, and I must believe ‐ I do believe ‐that my country will not leave me behind,” Alan Gross writes

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Ostreicher Confirms: Tons of His Rice Donated to Cuba by Bolivian Govt.

ostreichers riceLa Paz, Bolivia – On the Dov Hikind show minutes ago, Jacob Ostreicer confirmed a report that was previously published here on Gestetner Updates, that Four Hundred and Seventy Five Tons of Rice that was donated by the Bolivian Govt. to Cuba was indeed Jacob Ostreicher’s Rice.

He also reiterates his previous claims that former Bolivian Minister and current Bolivian UN ambassador Sacha Llorenti (@SachaLlorenti) was giving the power to Fernando Rivera and other corrupted officials that made the whole network possible.


Video: Jay Carney Rambles State Department Statement Re Allan Gross

WH Press Sec Jay Carney was “asked” about Allan Gross and out came a long written, prepared statement which was earlier attributed as being said by Mark C. Toner, Deputy Spokesperson for the US State Department.


In ‘Announcement’ Cuba Claims Jewish Contractor in Good Health

Cuba has poured cold water on hopes that Alan Gross will be released from a  Cuban prison cell anytime soon. In a statement released November 28 Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials  insisted that Gross’s health — which has been a recent cause for growing concern  according to his family — is normal. Gross, a Jewish American contractor jailed  on spying charges, is 63. – Paul Berger


Cuba Plans ‘Announcement’ on Alan Gross Wed Morning

Paul Berger from the Forward Reports: Cuban officials have put U.S. media on alert that an announcement is imminent  on the plight of Alan Gross, a Jewish contractor held in a Cuban jail for almost  three years. The announcement is expected to be made the morning of November 28, the  officials said. The warning came one day after Cuba expert Jaime Suchlicki, of Miami  University, published an  article in the Miami Herald hinting that Cuba is considering a pardon for  Gross.


Canada, Brazil, FL Chamber Warn Gov. Scott Against New-Type Cuba-Ban

Miami Herald Reports: Florida’s top two foreign trading partners and the Florida Chamber of Commerce are sounding alarms about a new state law banning governments from hiring companies with business ties to Cuba. The warnings from economic powerhouses Canada and Brazil pit mighty business interests against the Miami-Dade lawmakers who authored the bill and the majority of legislators who voted for it, placing Florida’s pro-business governor in a political bind. Read more »

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