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Future President Trump asks “Are we living in Nazi Germany?”

01/11/2017 11:34 AM Updated: 4 months ago

Are we living in Nazi Germany? This was the question posed by President-Elect Donald Trump, after the publishing of documents purportedly containing comprising information about him

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Documents relating to disappearance of Yemenite children offer few clues

12/28/2016 4:33 PM Updated: 4 months ago

On Wednesday, Israel’s state archive released over 200,000 now declassified documents relating to the mysterious disappearance of Yemenite children. Originally slated for release in 2031, the

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Over 2,000 Documents Released By CIA Containing Intelligence Analysis of Yom Kippur War

08/26/2016 8:55 AM Updated: 8 months ago

Around 2,500 documents were released by the CIA Wednesday, containing intelligence analysis by the U.S. government on major national security issues during the presidencies of Gerald

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Treasure Trove of Documents Relating to Safed Chassidic Community to Be Auctioned April 7

03/22/2016 11:18 AM

An archive of rare documents from the Chassidic community of Safed, Israel in the 19th and 20th centuries will be auctioned in New York on April 7. Most

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Documents From Bin Laden Raid Reveal Al-Qaeda’s Paranoia

03/01/2016 11:42 AM

Documents seized in the 2011 raid on Osama Bin Laden’s compound have revealed increasing paranoia among Al-Qaeda leaders about U.S. spies, drones, and tracking devices, according