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(Video) Why did Trump invite Bibi to the White House?

01/23/2017 4:33 PM Updated: 19 hours ago

Rabbi Marvin Hier receives anti-Semitic backlash for inauguration prayer

01/23/2017 3:33 PM Updated: 20 hours ago

Following an inauguration prayer beseeching the Almighty for Donald Trump’s success as president, Rabbi Marvin Hier was bombarded on social media with anti-Semitic messages, according to


(Video) How has the Arab press covered Donald Trump?

01/23/2017 12:33 PM Updated: 23 hours ago

Novelist Philip Roth says Trump as president “outstrips the imagination”

01/23/2017 12:33 PM Updated: 23 hours ago

Philip Roth, the author renowned for such works as Portnoy’s Complaint and Sabbath’s Theater, weighed in on President Donald Trump in a series of emails to The New Yorker


Trump talks Iran, settlements with Netanyahu in “very warm” chat

01/23/2017 9:16 AM Updated: 1 day ago

Jerusalem (AFP) – US President Donald Trump discussed Iran with Benjamin Netanyahu and invited the Israeli prime minister to visit the White House early next month.


Trump protests spread to Israel, where hundreds march in Tel Aviv

01/22/2017 3:03 PM Updated: 1 day ago

Tel Aviv (AFP) – Hundreds of Israelis, most of them women, protested outside the US embassy in Tel Aviv Saturday against President Donald Trump, mirroring worldwide


Trump, Netanyahu to speak as Israel moves on settlements

01/22/2017 11:03 AM Updated: 2 days ago

Jerusalem (AFP) – US President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will speak Sunday for the first time since his inauguration, with Israel already taking


Iranian Foreign Minister warns Trump “will be surprised” if he tears up nuclear agreement

01/20/2017 11:03 AM Updated: 4 days ago

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif warned Wednesday that President-Elect Donald Trump “will be surprised” if he annuls the Obama administration’s nuclear deal with Iran. Speaking at


George Soros, after losing $1 billion on Trump win, predicts ‘would-be-dictator’ will soon fail

01/20/2017 9:03 AM Updated: 4 days ago

Davos (Switzerland) (AFP) – Billionaire George Soros on Thursday delivered a scathing assessment of Donald Trump, calling the US President-elect a “would-be-dictator” who is “going to


Obama warned Trump that relocating embassy could be “explosive”

01/19/2017 12:48 PM

Relocating the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem has been a campaign pledge of several U.S. presidents, including George W. Bush and Bill


Pentagon preps Middle East military options for Trump

01/19/2017 9:33 AM Updated: 5 days ago

Washington (AFP) – He wants to frantically bomb the Islamic State group and has slammed White House micromanagement of America’s warfighting generals, but President-elect Donald Trump


After backing Clinton, Google CEO Eric Schmidt jumps on Team Trump

01/18/2017 1:25 PM

Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google parent company Alphabet Inc and a backer of Hillary Clinton, may be courting Republicans ahead of Donald Trump’s presidency.


Trump says creating peace between Israel, Palestinians will be tougher due to “psychologically binding” resolution

01/17/2017 2:52 PM

Speaking to the Times of London this week, President-elect Donald Trump said the possibility of brokering a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians would be


Israeli Regional Cooperation Minister says Israel, U.S. on the same page under Trump

01/17/2017 1:53 PM

Israel’s Regional Cooperation Minister Tzachi Hanegbi said Monday that the inauguration of Donald Trump will be an opportunity for partnership between the U.S. and Israel. According


Two Jewish congressmen to sit out Trump inauguration

01/17/2017 11:39 AM

The controversial behavior of President-elect Donald Trump has prompted two Jewish congressmen, Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) and Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN), to skip his inauguration. “We


President Barack Obama reflects on presidency, Israel in last interview

01/16/2017 5:30 PM Updated: 1 week ago

President Barack Obama looked back on his eight years in office in a CBS interview Sunday. In the conversation with “60 Minutes” Steve Kroft, Obama discussed

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Scores of writers protest Trump on Martin Luther King Day

01/16/2017 4:00 PM Updated: 1 week ago

Four days away from his now all-but inevitable inauguration, the winds of protest are still howling strong against President-Elect Donald Trump. In recent weeks, the incoming

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ADL defends John Lewis from Trump

01/16/2017 1:33 PM Updated: 1 week ago

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) defended Rep. John Lewis (D-Georgia) following criticism on Twitter by President-elect Donald Trump. On Twitter Saturday, Trump retaliated against Lewis, a veteran


Trump confirms that Kushner will serve as peace broker in Israel-Palestinian conflict

01/16/2017 11:33 AM Updated: 1 week ago

President-Elect Donald Trump appeared to confirm in an interview with the Times of London Sunday night that his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, will serve as a peace


Europe hits back at Trump over Iran deal, NATO

01/16/2017 10:07 AM Updated: 1 week ago

Brussels (AFP) – Top European officials hit back at US President-elect Donald Trump on Monday after he branded the NATO alliance “obsolete” and lashed out at