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Egypt Courts List Hamas As Terrorist Group, Give Brotherhood Leader Life

Hamas(Reuters). An Egyptian court listed the Palestinian group Hamas as a terrorist organization, judicial sources said on Saturday, part of a sustained crackdown on Islamists in the most populous Arab state.

In a separate case earlier in the day, a court sentenced the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s top leader Mohamed Badie to life in prison while other members received the death penalty. Read more »


Egyptian Court Acquits Top Mubarak Era Officials On Graft Charges



(Reuters).An Egyptian court on Tuesday acquitted two top Hosni Mubarak-era officials of graft charges at a retrial, judicial sources said, a day after a prominent activist was sentenced to five years in jail.

Former Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif, and former Interior Minister Habib el-Adly were both charged with illegal profiting and squandering public funds. Read more »


Obama ‘Deeply Concerned’ By Egyptian Military Takeover

ObamaHandOverMouthThe Blaze: President Barack Obama urged Egypt’s military Wednesday to hand back control to a democratic, civilian government without delay, but stopped short of calling the ouster of President Mohammed Morsi a coup d’etat.

In a carefully worded statement, Obama said he was “deeply concerned” by the military’s move to topple Morsi’s government and suspend Egypt’s constitution. He said he was ordering the U.S. government to assess what the military’s actions meant for U.S. foreign aid to Egypt. Read more »


Muslim Brotherhood: Jews, Come Back to Egypt!

Essam al-Erian

Essam al-Erian, deputy head of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, called on Egyptian Jews to leave Israel to the Palestinians and return to their own homeland.

“Their presence in Palestine contributes to the Zionist occupation of Arab lands, and every Egyptian has the right to live in his country — nobody can deny that,” Erian said during an interview on the privately operated Dream TV on Thursday. …

“Egyptian Jews should refuse to live under a brutal, bloody and racist occupation stained with war crimes against humanity,” Erian said.

Read more: Washington Times


Egyptian Protesters Converge on Presidential Palace

VOA Reports: VOA’s correspondent in Cairo, Elizabeth Arrott, says anti-Morsi crowds participating in Friday’s demonstrations are furious that the Egyptian leader has refused to call off a disputed constitutional referendum or curb the sweeping powers he granted himself in a decree last month.

Muslim Brotherhood groups supporting Morsi are also massing, chanting that the country rejects secularism and wants only Islam as the basis of its constitution.  Soldiers have erected barricades with concrete blocks and barbed wire around the presidential palace to prevent surging violence that occurred earlier this week.


SOURCES: Obama’s Half Indonesian Sister Brought in to Oversee Muslim Crisis

Drudge links to a Breitbart Audio of an interview Obama gave in 2007 claiming that the world will look at America differently; the Muslims hostility would ease, the day he gets inaugurated. He explained that he grew up in a Muslim country. The interviewer asked him if it counts considering that he was a young boy when he lived among Muslims. Obama answered, “no no no. My sister is half Indonesian,” which means Obama gets the Muslim world…

Now that the Muslim world is in flames against America, sources are telling GestetnerUpdates that Obama’s sister which is half Indonesian is being brought in to consult the president on the crisis in the Muslim world. In the mean time, political observers are wondering how Obama’s point that a sister half Indonesian makes him qualified to understand the Muslim world, was not subject of ridicule during the 2008 campaign as was Palin’s taken-out-of-context line about Russia and Alaska. (Yes, Charlie Gibson was the one who said he wants to start the FP questions section of his interview about Russia “because of it’s proximity” to Alaska. Palin in her lengthy, detailed answer about current events in Russia, said that indeed Russia is close to Alaska. “We share the same waterline,” and there is an island in Alaska from where you can see Russia.)


Hey BuzzFeedBen: What Do ‘Foreign Policy Hands’ Says to THIS?

1)   Egypt is not an Ally.

2)   Ally is just a legal term of art.

3)   Yes, Egypt is an Ally.

The above was America’s Foreign Policy from Wednesday afternoon through Thursday afternoon: Obama gave answer one Wednesday afternoon. A White House spokesman gave answer number two Thursday midday. A State Department spokesman gave answer number three Thursday afternoon.

So tell me Mr. Ben Smith: Those “Foreign Policy hands” who ripped Romney via your BuzzFeed, what do they say to this MESS? Also, Did they figure out if we should, or should not or should again say sorry for the protesters? I am asking because 1) Tuesday after the attack, Cairo stood by its apology. 2) Tuesday Night Washington walked it back. 3) Wednesday morning Hillary said sorry again during a press conference. So what again my dear buddy Ben do those “Foreign Policy Hands” say to this clown show? Is it Bush’s Fault or is it the fault of the Republicans in Congress who probably blocked a bill?


Obama Admin Explains What They Were Talking with the Muslim Brotherhood

In an online briefing for foreign reporters last week, Undersecretary  of State Robert Hormats said that the State Department is trying to  promote collaboration between small and medium-sized businesses in the  United   States and businesses overseas. In this context, he said he had talked to members of the Muslim  Brotherhood about promoting smaller enterprises. He said he would be  having similar discussions this week with leaders from Middle Eastern  and North African countries. – CNSNews


After Promising to Uphold Treaties Despite Mubarak Demise, Egypt Cancels Israeli Gas Agreement

JTA Reports: Egypt canceled its natural gas agreement with Israel, reportedly abrogating the original Egypt-Israel peace treaty of 1979.

The unilateral announcement was made Sunday by Egypt’s national gas company EGAS, according to The Marker, an Israeli business daily. The 2005 deal between the governments of Israel and Egypt promised that Cairo would allocate 7 billion cubic meters of natural gas to Israel for 20 years, with an option to double the amount. The 1979 peace treaty had required Egypt to supply Israel with oil; it was later amended to natural gas.

Egypt’s pipeline in the Sinai supplying natural gas to Israel was attacked earlier this month for the 14th time since uprisings began in February 2011 against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who was deposed. No arrests have been made in any of the attacks.


Obama’s ‘Removal’ of Dictators

Some on the left claim that Obama has by now removed — without wars — two dictators.

Well, it’s hard to see how Obama ‘removed’ two dictators. The first, in Tunisia, had zero to do with Obama. No one can claim that it was even on Obama’s radar. On the second, Egypt, few can tell which Obama policy or vision brought the revolt. It is only debatable how amateurish  and confusing Obama and his team handled it. Besides, seeing democracy spreading in the ME — if it indeed works out — makes me think that the vision of GW Bush was not totally crazy as many believed 5-7 years ago.  In addition, toppling a regime is not always the tough part. The heavy lifting starts afterwords. On this part, my friends, it is way too early for Obama to take credit on recent Middle East developments.


Is This a Result of the Cairo Speech?

How  long will it  be before  the White  House and their hacks will say that Obama’s Cairo speech of mid-2009 did for the Middle East what Reagan’s “Tear Down This Wall”speech did for Europe?

I don’t know when the Dems will say it, but If they have chutzpa to do so, they should note two things:

1) Reagan’s speech was backed up by actions. He bankrupted the Soviets! It didn’t happen just by a speech, just as we didn’t get to the moon just because Kennedy gave a good speech ten years earlier. Obama did nothing to spread democracy in the ME. He in fact gave more time and recognition to the dictators over there.

2) GW Bush kept on saying that a democracy in Iraq will spread democracy to all of the Middle East. While we don’t see democracies yet, one can rest assure that Bush’s Iraq war, you know the illegal distraction war, has more to do with the democracy winds we see now than any Obama speech. and just as the Berlin Wall and later the collapse of the USSR took place only a year and three years after Reagan took office, the results of the Iraq war are perhaps also seen only now after Bush left office (if the recent ME moves has at all with US policy).

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