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Eric Cantor To Host Fundraiser For Chris Christie

Eric Cantor(AP). Potential presidential candidate New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie is set to mingle with some of Virginia’s biggest GOP donors with some help from former U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

An invitation obtained by The Associated Press shows Cantor is co-hosting a meet and greet for Christie at the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond on Feb. 26. Read more »


Cantor Joins Majority of GOP to Vote No; Boehner with the Minority

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was one of 151 Republicans to vote against the so-called Cliff Deal, while Speaker John Boehner was one of 85 Republicans to vote in favor of the bill. Paul Ryan was one of the 85.

Overall, the bill passed 257-167.

Among the Democrats, only 16 of them voted against the Deal which hikes spending by $330 billion over the next decade above the $1.9 trillion that was already expected. It hikes tax by $620 billion above the $315 billion in new tax pushed into Obamacare, and it increases the debt by $4 trillion above the $2 trillion already expected.

The House votes Thursday who will be Speaker in the next Congress.


Wash Post: Cantor Plays Loyal Lieutenant to Boehner

The Democrats have one negotiator: the president. And we have one negotiator, and that’s the speaker,” Cantor told Republican colleagues at a GOP meeting in the bowels of the Capitol last week, urging them to unite behind Boehner (R-Ohio) in the talks.

In the current “fiscal cliff” drama, Cantor has been working hard to cast himself as a supportive, bit player to Boehner, a contrast from the debt-ceiling showdown of 2011. At that time the Virginia Republican played a starring role as a lead negotiator in high-level talks with Vice President Biden and as a chief antagonist to Obama, tangling with the president directly in one tense White House exchange.

But that high-profile role did not go well for Cantor. It neither strengthened the GOP’s hand in the fiscal crisis nor served the lawmaker’s own image. He emerged with a taint of disloyalty toward Boehner and a new reputation, carefully stoked by Democrats, as the leader of hard-liners unwilling to compromise.

Read in Full at Wash Post


Video: Eric Cantor on ‘Meet the Press’ Ahead of the Election

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


NY18 – Cantor Visits NY Hasidic Community to Push for Hayworth

Kiryas Joel, NY – U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor visited today Kiryas Yoel, the large and fast-growing Hasidic Community in Orange County NY. His mission? To secure support for GOP Congresswoman Nan Hayworth who is in what is considered a tough race with Sean Patrick Maloney.

The Friday before the 2010 vote, Mr. Cantor also visited this community to push for Hayworth against the then-incumbent John Hall. Ultimately however, Hayworth’s margin of victory was larger than the Hasidic Vote in the area. In addition, a portion of the Hasidic Vote who is organized against the majority force in KY, voted for Hall. Read more »


‘Lone Jewish Republican’ Cantor Takes Nothing for Granted

The Forward Reports: Cantor, the only Jewish  Republican in the House of Representatives, is spending a bit more time on  his own campaign. Facing a spirited Democratic challenger and an overall low approval rating  for Congress and congressional Republicans, Cantor, the House Majority Leader  and six-term congressman, even agreed to debate his rival, a rare move in itself  for a congressional leader.

“We’ve always taken races seriously,” Cantor told the Forward, adding he is  sure his district remains strongly conservative. Read more »


Cantor Carves Out Role at Convention

The Hill Reports: Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) is not speaking at the 2012 Republican convention, but the House majority leader has been plenty busy this week in the Sunshine State. Cantor has met with swing-state delegations, appeared on various media outlets and made a bold Election Day prediction.

Some GOP lawmakers have privately indicated they are confused that Cantor, the first member of GOP leadership to endorse Mitt Romney’s presidential bid during the primary, doesn’t have a prime-time speaking role.

Read more »


Pelosi: Republican Jews Are ‘Being Exploited’

Noah Rothman Reports: When Bloomberg’s Al Hunt said that the issue of Israel was why so many Republican Jews are active and engaged, Pelosi made the case that they are being exploited to advance an agenda that has little to do with Israeli security. Read more »


Cantor: Pelosi’s Comments Are ‘Patronizing And Deeply Insulting’

“It is both patronizing and deeply insulting for Nancy Pelosi to suggest any Jew is ‘exploited’ for their political beliefs or that support for Israel is somehow an ‘excuse’ for anything. Such thinking diminishes the importance of issues affecting Jews everywhere.” – Reported by Mediaite

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