Israel closing off West Bank ahead of Passover as security measure

04/09/2017 4:26 PM

The West Bank and crossings from the Gaza Strip will be sealed off for Passover Monday night as a security measure, according to an IDF announcement


Hamas executes three suspected Israel collaborators

04/06/2017 5:13 PM

Three men accused of “collaborating” with Israel were hanged Thursday in Gaza. According to Times of Israel, the hangings, which were carried out by Palestinian terror


One Israeli soldier killed, another injured in West Bank car ramming attack

04/06/2017 12:16 PM

Elichai Taharlev, a 20-year-old Israeli Brigade Sergeant, was killed Thursday in a car ramming attack in the West Bank’s Ofra Junction. A 19-year-old soldier was injured


Netherlands to host pro-Hamas conference

03/28/2017 10:01 AM Updated: 4 weeks ago

The mayor of the second-largest city in the Netherlands is refusing to block a conference by a pro-Hamas group, despite warnings by Dutch Jewish leaders and


IDF confirms that Israel hits terror tunnels from above

03/22/2017 4:35 PM

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot admitted for the first time Wednesday that Israel is destroying Hamas terror tunnels with ground-penetrating airstrikes. Speaking


New Hamas leader vows to liberate “all of Palestine”

03/22/2017 2:55 PM

Yahya Sinwar, a formerly incarcerated Hamas member released in 2011 as part of a prisoner swap with Israel, was elected in February as the terror group’s


Hamas developing new platform accepting Palestinian state within 1967 borders

03/08/2017 12:37 PM

While Palestinian terror group Hamas remains unwilling to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, it has now developed a new outline of its policies which includes


Israel retaliates against Hamas rockets with Gaza airstrikes

02/27/2017 11:56 AM

Five military targets were struck in Gaza Monday by the Israeli Air Force in retaliation for Hamas rocket fire.  According to a Reuters report, four people


Israel shuts down Palestinian elementary school accused of being Hamas front

02/24/2017 11:47 AM Updated: 2 months ago

An East Jerusalem elementary school accused of being a front for Palestinian terror group Hamas was shut down this week by Israeli authorities. In a report


Israel uncovers cash smuggling operation by Hamas, Islamic Jihad

02/08/2017 1:47 PM

A joint operation by Hamas and Islamic Jihad transferring cash from the Gaza Strip to West Bank operatives has been uncovered by Shin Bet, Israel’s Security


IDF, police, Shin Bet thwart Hamas plot to blow up synagogue, kidnap soldiers

02/06/2017 11:03 AM Updated: 2 months ago

A plot by Palestinian terror group Hamas to blow up a synagogue in the town of Zichron Yaakov was thwarted through a joint operation by the


Hamas military strength rebuilt to pre-2014 levels

02/01/2017 12:03 PM Updated: 2 months ago

  In a worrying trend for Israel, the military capabilities of Palestinian terror group Hamas are now at pre-2014 strength, according to a report Tuesday by


Israeli tanks fire on Gaza after Palestinian attack

01/25/2017 8:29 AM Updated: 3 months ago

Jerusalem (AFP) – An Israeli tank fired shells towards the Hamas-run Gaza Strip, following an attack on an Israeli patrol, the army announced. “A short while


Palestinian NGO hits out at Hamas travel restrictions

01/20/2017 8:28 AM

Gaza City (Palestinian Territories) (AFP) – A major Palestinian rights organization expressed concern Thursday after the Hamas-led authorities in Gaza imposed new restrictions on travel for


Israel just needs US approval to annex settlements, says Defense Minister

01/19/2017 3:32 PM Updated: 3 months ago

The election of Donald Trump, whose cabinet appears to have a more favorable stance towards Israeli settlements than the Obama administration, has stirred the hopes of


Anger remains while electricity returns to Gaza in flickers

01/19/2017 9:00 AM Updated: 3 months ago

Jabalia (Palestinian Territories) (AFP) – The 25-year-old nicknamed Guevara because of his admiration for the Latin American revolutionary had returned to his home in Gaza after


In Moscow, Palestinian parties agree to form unity government

01/18/2017 9:06 AM Updated: 3 months ago

Moscow (AFP) – The main Palestinian parties on Tuesday announced a deal to form a national unity government prior to the holding of elections, after three


Israel rearrests freed Palestinian hunger striker

01/17/2017 12:44 PM Updated: 3 months ago

Jerusalem (AFP) – Israeli forces have rearrested a Palestinian journalist who was freed from prison last year after an extended hunger strike, his family and Israeli


Hamas slams ‘absurd’ Paris peace conference

01/17/2017 10:03 AM Updated: 3 months ago

Gaza City (AFP) – Islamist movement Hamas rejected Monday the outcome of a Paris conference on Israeli-Palestinian peace, labeling the summit “absurd.” “The Paris conference is


Cold and angry, Gazans protest in test for Hamas

01/13/2017 1:32 PM Updated: 3 months ago

Gaza City (AFP) – Crippling shortages of electricity in the Gaza Strip and reports of children dying of cold have stoked anger in the Palestinian enclave