Nazi Germany

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Future President Trump asks “Are we living in Nazi Germany?”

01/11/2017 11:34 AM Updated: 3 months ago

Are we living in Nazi Germany? This was the question posed by President-Elect Donald Trump, after the publishing of documents purportedly containing comprising information about him

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WJC Honors Late Peruvian Diplomat for Effort to Save Jews from Nazi Germany

07/15/2015 12:39 PM Updated: 1 year ago

Jose Maria Barreto, who served as Peru’s consul-general in Switzerland, risked his job to deliver visas to Jews that were fleeing German occupation, and now, after

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Jewish Red Army Veterans Celebrate Victory Day over Nazism Defeat in Times Square

05/15/2015 2:24 PM

More than 50 Jewish veterans from New York who fought with the Soviet Red Army in World War II gathered on Thursday in Times Square to

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Carson Defends Comments Comparing U.S. Gov’t to Nazi Germany

05/10/2015 4:24 PM

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson on Sunday refused to take back past comments, in which he compared the U.S. government to Nazi Germany. Appearing on ‘Fox

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Holocaust Survivors Mark 70th Anniversary of Buchenwald Liberation

04/11/2015 9:08 PM Updated: 2 years ago

(AFP). More than 80 survivors of the Buchenwald concentration camp observed a minute’s silence on Saturday, 70 years to the day since it was liberated. Several


Lhota Attacks Catsimatidis For ‘Disingenuous’ Mailer Invoking Holocaust

09/01/2013 4:38 PM Updated: 3 years ago

Jacob Kornbluh reports: The following is a statement by Joe Lhota’s campaign spokeswoman, Jessica Proud, responding to John Catsimatidis’ most recent mailer accusing Mr. Lhota of