Obama KOs Putin

12/29/2016 2:41 PM Updated: 4 months ago

  President Obama has had enough of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This afternoon, the gloves came off and he issued a knockout punch. In his response

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Putin Dismisses US Hacking Claims as Pre-election Ploy

10/16/2016 4:00 PM Updated: 6 months ago

Moscow (AFP) – President Vladimir Putin on Sunday said US claims Russia had directed cyber attacks against Washington sought to “distract” American voters from domestic problems.

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Russia Suspends US Joint Nuclear Energy Research

10/06/2016 1:00 PM Updated: 6 months ago

Moscow (AFP) – Russia said Wednesday it was suspending joint research on nuclear energy projects with the United States, as Moscow’s standoff with the West shows

AFP/File / Alexander Nemenov
Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) greets his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the Konstantinovsky Palace outside Saint Petersburg on August 9, 2016 0

Putin, Erdogan Put Aside Bad Blood to Discuss Resolving Syrian Crisis

10/06/2016 8:20 AM Updated: 6 months ago

Boosting international efforts to end the Syrian crisis was the topic of a phone conversation Wednesday between Russian president Vladimir Putin and and his Turkish counterpart

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers his annual state of the nation address at the Kremlin in Moscow on December 3, 2015 0

Vladimir Putin Decides to Withdraw Russian Forces From Syria

03/15/2016 6:32 AM Updated: 1 year ago

(JNS). Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday decided to withdraw Russian forces from Syria following a meeting with Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu and Foreign Minister

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Russia To Sell Advanced Missiles To Syria

01/11/2016 3:59 PM Updated: 1 year ago

According to Russian Defense Minster Anatoly Serdyukov , Moscow intends to sell advanced missiles to Syria despite Israeli and U.S. attempts to halt the deal. Russia

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Israel’s 2015 Person Of The Year President

01/01/2016 1:54 PM

Vladimir Putin according to a research poll by Panels Research in which a representative sample of 527 Israeli adults were polled found that 29 percent of

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Putin Initiates Law Against Anti-Semitic Biblical Interpretation

12/10/2015 8:33 AM Updated: 1 year ago

Russian President Vladimir Putin has initiated legislation through the Duma outlawing “distorted and or extremist” interpretation of the Bible. Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar says

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Erdogan Family Benefiting from Oil Trade with ISIS, Russia Says

12/02/2015 4:40 PM Updated: 1 year ago

On Wednesday, Dec. 2, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed it had evidence that Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and has family are personally benefiting from illegal oil

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Putin and Khomeini: the New Friends

11/24/2015 12:19 PM Updated: 1 year ago

The Kremlin has announced that a bevy of agreements was signed yesterday between Russia and Iran. Included in the package were: “an intergovernmental agreement on simplifying conditions for mutual visits

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Putin Lambasts Turkey Over Downed Jet

11/24/2015 11:57 AM Updated: 1 year ago

At a meeting in Sochi’s Russian Black Sea Resort today, Russian President Vladimir Putin railed against Turkey over the downing of a Russian fighter jet. “Today’s


ISIS movie-makers release new film – Video Threatening Russia

11/12/2015 12:12 PM Updated: 1 year ago

ISIS released their newest threatening video, this one aimed at Russia, with a tag line of “The Blood Will Spill Like an Ocean.” They have reason to

Russia's President Putin shakes hands with his Iranian counterpart Rouhani at the welcoming ceremony during a summit of Caspian Sea regional leaders in the southern city of Astrakhan 0

Obama Thanks Putin for Role in Iran Deal

07/15/2015 9:09 PM Updated: 1 year ago

(Reuters) – President Barack Obama telephoned Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday to thank him for his part in the recent nuclear deal with Iran, the White House said. “The President thanked

Former United States Secretary of State and Democratic candidate for president Hillary Clinton speaks to supporters during a campaign event in Glen, New Hampshire, July 4, 2015.  REUTERS/Dominick Reuter 0

Clinton Talks Foreign Policy In New Hampshire, Accuses China of Hacking

07/04/2015 9:45 PM Updated: 1 year ago

(Reuters). U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton accused China on Saturday of stealing commercial secrets and “huge amounts of government information,” and of trying to “hack

Obama delivers remarks before signing a disapproval of S. J. Resolution 8, a joint congressional resolution that would block a National Labor Relations Board rule allowing faster union elections, in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington 0

Obama, Putin Discuss Iran, Islamic State, Ukraine in Phone Call

06/26/2015 8:22 AM Updated: 1 year ago

(Reuters).Russian President Vladimir Putin phoned U.S. President Barack Obama on Thursday, their first call since February, to discuss Iran nuclear talks, “the increasingly dangerous situation in

Putin and Merkel attend a news conference in Moscow 0

Putin Says Ukraine Peace ‘Moving Forward’ Despite Problems

05/10/2015 7:56 PM Updated: 1 year ago

(Reuters). Russian President Vladimir Putin said after talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday that the peace process in eastern Ukraine was progressing despite difficulties.

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Putin Brushes Off Western Snub at Huge WWII Victory Parade

05/09/2015 9:17 PM Updated: 1 year ago

(AFP). Russian President Vladimir Putin shrugged off a boycott by Western leaders at a huge military parade Saturday to mark the 70th anniversary of victory in


Putin Accuses US Of Direct Contacts With North Caucasus Militants

04/26/2015 9:32 PM Updated: 2 years ago

(AFP). Russian President Vladimir Putin in a documentary broadcast Sunday accused the United States of directly contacting and providing logistical support to North Caucasus separatist militants.

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Nemstov’s Party and Party of Progress Unite Ahead of 2016 Russia Elections

04/18/2015 10:38 PM Updated: 2 years ago

(AFP). The marginalised Russian opposition parties of slain Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov and arch Putin foe Alexei Navalny have announced they will form an alliance for

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Putin Says Washington Told Leaders Not To Attend Word War Two Parade

04/16/2015 10:00 AM

(Reuters). President Vladimir Putin accused Washington on Thursday of putting pressure on some world leaders not to attend events in Russia marking the 70th anniversary of