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Israeli intelligence officials worry that information sent to U.S. could end up in Russian, Iranian hands

01/13/2017 12:32 PM Updated: 1 week ago

Israeli intelligence officials are concerned that classified information sent to their American counterparts could wind up in the hands of Russia and Iran, Israeli journalist Ronen

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Future President Trump asks “Are we living in Nazi Germany?”

01/11/2017 11:34 AM Updated: 1 week ago

Are we living in Nazi Germany? This was the question posed by President-Elect Donald Trump, after the publishing of documents purportedly containing comprising information about him

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Russian Embassy in Britain tweets image of Pepe the Frog

01/10/2017 12:30 PM Updated: 1 week ago

Pepe the Frog, the meme of choice for the Alt-Right movement, appeared in a tweet Monday by Great Britain’s Russian Embassy. According to Haaretz, the tweet


Trumps lambasts ‘fools’ who oppose better Russia ties

01/07/2017 6:20 PM Updated: 2 weeks ago

Washington (AFP) – President-elect Donald Trump condemned Russia critics on Saturday, calling those who oppose better relations with Moscow “stupid” people and “fools” in his latest

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Russia says it will not expel American diplomats in retaliation against United States

12/30/2016 1:00 PM Updated: 3 weeks ago

  Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday he will not expel U.S. diplomats from Russia [JP Updates] Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday that no U.S.

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Kissinger preps “diplomatic offensive” to bring Trump & Russia even closer

12/27/2016 9:53 AM Updated: 3 weeks ago

In light of the U.S.’s new political circumstances, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger may be positioning himself as an intermediary between the U.S. and Russia


US fines Israeli drugmaker $519 million for foreign bribes

12/23/2016 10:03 AM Updated: 1 month ago

New York (AFP) – Israeli generic drug giant Teva will pay $519 million to settle charges that it paid bribes to foreign officials to win business


Thanks to peace-loving dictatorships, the U.S. is the only country threatened by the Ankara assassination

12/20/2016 3:56 PM Updated: 1 month ago

  Yesterday, Andrey G. Karlov, the Russian ambassador to Turkey, was shot and killed while making a public appearance in Ankara. His killer, a Turkish police


Russian ambassador to Turkey shot by terrorist

12/19/2016 12:37 PM Updated: 1 month ago

  Andrei Karlov, the Russian ambassador to Turkey, was shot earlier today at the opening of an art exhibit in Ankara. Three other people were wounded.

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Gorbachev blames USSR downfall on “treachery”

12/13/2016 1:03 PM Updated: 1 month ago

  Mikhail Gorbachev, the final leader of the Soviet Union, attributed the downfall of the USSR to “treachery” in a rare interview Tuesday with the BBC’s


Watch defiant Harry Reid say Russia coordinated with Trump campaign

12/13/2016 11:32 AM Updated: 1 month ago

US presidential electors demand briefing on Russian hack

12/13/2016 9:20 AM Updated: 1 month ago

  Washington (AFP) – A group of electors who will ratify the US presidential election results next week on Monday called for a full briefing on


Is it hypocritical for the US to condemn Russia for influencing our election?

12/12/2016 6:02 PM Updated: 1 month ago

  The New York Times reported Friday that the Central Intelligence Agency had “high confidence” that Russian hackers infiltrated US computer systems in order to influence

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Why the FBI disagrees with CIA on Russian hack

12/12/2016 12:02 PM Updated: 1 month ago

  The Central Intelligence Agency last week announced that they believed Russia was not only involved in hacks into Democratic operatives’ email accounts but that Russia


Trump on Russia meddling in US election: ‘I don’t believe it’

12/11/2016 10:45 AM Updated: 1 month ago

  Washington (AFP) – President-elect Donald Trump rejected the CIA’s reported conclusion that Russia intervened to help him win the US election, saying in an interview


Republicans reject reports Russia helped Trump win election

12/11/2016 9:10 AM Updated: 1 month ago

  Washington (AFP) – Republicans on Saturday rejected reports about a secret CIA assessment finding that Russia sought to tip the US presidential election in Donald

Syrian pro-government troops hold a position in Aleppo's eastern Karm al-Jabal neighborhood as they advance towards al-Shaar neighbourhood on December 5, 2016 during their offensive to retake Syria's second city 0

Syria rebels reject Aleppo exit as army advances

12/06/2016 7:43 AM

Aleppo (Syria) (AFP) – Russia said it would hold talks with Washington on Tuesday on a total rebel withdrawal from Syria’s Aleppo, where the army has


Jewish Choreographer of Holocaust-Themed Skating Routine Defends Performance

11/30/2016 3:00 PM Updated: 1 month ago

   Many voices were raised in indignation after “Ice Age,” a Russian celebrity skating show, featured a routine involving performers dressed as concentration camp victims. Based


Obama in Berlin Urges Trump to ‘Stand up to Russia’

11/18/2016 2:00 PM Updated: 2 months ago

  Berlin (AFP) – US President Barack Obama, on a farewell visit to Europe, said Thursday he hoped Donald Trump would “stand up” to Russia but


Economy Minister’s Arrest Shocks Russian Liberals

11/16/2016 7:00 PM Updated: 2 months ago

  Moscow (AFP) – The surprise arrest of Russia’s economy minister over a two-million-dollar bribe on Wednesday sparked shock and bewilderment in the liberal wing of