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Nazi war criminal and Eichman’s right-hand man died in Syria basement

01/11/2017 9:16 AM Updated: 4 months ago

Paris (AFP) – Nazi war criminal Alois Brunner, who was responsible for the deaths of an estimated 130,000 Jews, died in 2001 at the age of


Rabbi for Trump inauguration received donations from Trump family

01/02/2017 1:58 PM Updated: 4 months ago

There are many reasons to participate in a presidential inauguration, from free publicity to civic duty, but Marvin Hier, the rabbi who agreed to speak at

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Iceland Mayor Rejects BDS Proposal To Boycott Israeli Goods

09/20/2015 11:15 AM Updated: 1 year ago

(AFP) The mayor of Iceland’s capital Reykjavik on Saturday said he would scrap plans for a boycott of Israeli goods, a proposal which had raised outrage

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UC May Be First University To Adopt Antisemitism Definition

09/01/2015 10:24 AM Updated: 1 year ago

The University of California (UC) may be the first public university to adopt the U.S. State Department’s definition of antisemitism, which would be implemented in all 10

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Melissa Rivers Fulfills Her Mother’s Last Wishes

08/26/2015 3:54 PM Updated: 1 year ago

One of the last wishes of the famous Jewish comedian, Joan Rivers, who died after complications during a routine surgery, was to have all of her

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Lithuanian Gov’t Allegedly Threatens Rabbi With Deportation Over Jewish Cemetery

08/06/2015 3:14 PM Updated: 1 year ago

A Chief Rabbi of Lithuanian, Chaim Burshtein, claimed in a Facebook post on Thursday that the government threatened him with deportation at the airport. According to

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Ohio State University Marching Band Under Fire For Hateful Satirical Book

08/02/2015 7:35 PM Updated: 1 year ago

Ohio State University’s marching band is facing severe backlash from Jewish groups this weekend, following the discovery of their hateful satirical book, which pokes fun at

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Nazi Hunter Wants Danish Man Investigated Over WWII Crimes

07/20/2015 4:04 PM Updated: 1 year ago

(Reuters). A leading Nazi hunter visited Copenhagen on Monday to request a police investigation into whether a Danish man was an accomplice in the murder of Jews at

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Samsung In Hot Water With Jewish Groups After Anti-Semitic Comments

07/12/2015 4:23 PM

South Korean media outlets are being reprimanded by Jewish organizations for allegedly making anti-Semitic comments made concerning a corporate merger of Samsung. According to the Jerusalem

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Nazi Chess Game, Anti-Semitic Imagery on Sale in Moscow Hotels

05/21/2015 1:16 PM Updated: 2 years ago

The Simon Wiesenthal Center has called on Russia to stop some of its hotels from selling anti-Semitic and Neo-Nazi imagery to tourists. Visiting Moscow, the Center’s

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Nazi-Hunting Group Criticizes US for Failure to Prosecute Nazi War Criminal

04/13/2015 8:41 PM

A report released on Monday by the Simon Wiesenthal Center criticized the United States and lowered it’s score after seeing no action rom the US against


#BibiGate? PM Netanyahu Causes 5-Mile Traffic Jam In LA

03/06/2014 4:40 PM Updated: 3 years ago

A traffic advisory has been issued in parts of the westside of Los Angeles Thursday ahead of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s scheduled visit to the


Jewish Businessman Winning Super Bowl Bet Gives It To Charity

02/04/2014 5:46 PM Updated: 3 years ago

A Jewish businessman who won a Super Bowl bet Sunday night donated it in its entirety to Tzedakah (charity), TMZ reports. When Jona Rechnitz, a successful


Wiesenthal Center Likens Chavez’s Venezuela to Nazi Germany

11/25/2012 9:00 AM Updated: 4 years ago

INN Reports: The Simon Wiesenthal Center expressed harsh criticism of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez for enabling the recent anti-Semitic attack that plagued the country’s largest synagogue,