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Brooklyn – Felder Blames Boro Park Operatives for ‘Vilifying’ his Name

Jewish Voice Reports: In an interview for the Hebrew magazine Bakhila, Felder charged some “Boro Park operatives who were hired for the shameful vilifying campaign.”

“We didn’t speak the same language,” Felder said about his campaign. “While we are still trying to assess where we went wrong in failing to convince the 33 percent that didn’t vote for me, at the end of the day, I still believe that even those who voted for me were influenced negatively towards me after being exposed to so many rumors, that it seeped into their minds at the end of the day,” he charged. Read more »


Lew Fidler: A Challenge that Simcha Felder Must Answer

Mr. Fidler, who yesterday criticized Senator-elect Simcha Felder for vowing to cross party lines and caucus with the Republicans, took another pass this afternoon in a lengthy statement where he demanded Mr. Felder himself answer questions about the decision. Here’s the statement:

Yesterday, I expressed my disappointment in my friend and former colleague Simcha Felder’s decision to caucus with Republicans and asked for an explanation. Through a spokesman, Simcha issued a statement which on its face lacks any substantive credibility. Read more »


Hikind: Don’t Castigate Felder for Being Independent

Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) is outraged at talk about expelling fellow Democrat, Simcha Felder from the party after the State Senator-elect announced he would caucus with the Republicans.

“The hypocrisy of this discussion is almost beyond belief,” said the Assemblyman. “Simcha Felder is an honorable man who has not sold out in any way. He made no campaign promises that I am aware of other than to faithfully serve the best interests of his constituents, which is what he is doing by aligning himself with the party that best represents his constituents’ philosophical preferences. While many of his constituents may be Democrats, they also clearly supported Republicans. Read more »


FINAL: Felder to Caucus with Senate Republicans

Capital Tonight reports this exclusive story: Senator-elect Simcha Felder, a conservative Brooklyn Democrat who has been keeping people guessing about his political loyalties since he announced his campaign for the new “Super Jewish” seat back in April, has finally chosen a side.

After meeting with Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, Felder has decided to turn his back on his fellow Democrats and caucus with the Republicans next year. Here’s his statement: Read more »


Democratic Leaders Insist They Can Lure Felder to Their Side

City and State reports: Felder could become a key vote among Democrats if the party is able to claim 32 seats or more. Counting Felder and the IDC, Democrats currently hold 31 seats and the GOP 30 in a chamber that will expand to 63 seats next session.

But Felder, despite his party affiliation, has left open the possibility of caucusing with the Republicans. E. O’Brien Murray, a Republican who managed Felder’s campaign, said it was too early to say which party the senator-elect would work with.

“He made it clear he’d work with senators from any party at this point, but basically it would be incumbent upon which party is best for his district,” Murray said. “Simcha Felder just won a seat with 67 percent of the vote. That puts him in a very strong position in any situation. In a tight Senate, that just makes it a little more powerful.” Read more »


Felder: No Decision Yet on Which Party to Caucus With

ALBANY — The NY Post reports: The courting of Simcha Felder has begun now that the Brooklyn Democrat holds one of the keys to control of the state Senate.

Republican and Democratic leaders jockeying for control of the Senate have contacted aides to Senator-elect Felder, according to the Brooklyn Democrat — who can help tip the balance of power to either party.

Felder says he could side with Republicans or Democrats depending on which party will help his heavily Orthodox Jewish district more. Read more »


Brooklyn, NY – Storobin Considering a City Council Run

Fresh off a lopsided loss Tuesday night, state Sen. David Storobin,  R-Brooklyn, told The Insider that he’s considering running for the New York City  Council in 2013.

Mr. Storobin, who lost to Democrat Simcha Felder by a 2-to-1 margin, said he  would most likely run in the district currently represented by term-limited  Councilman Michael Nelson, D-Brooklyn. It has a substantial Russian-American  population, which represents his base of support and is fairly  Republican-friendly. (The district will be redrawn to an unknown extent for the  2013 election.) Read more »


Daily Kos: 8 Actual Dems, 4 IDCs, 1 Felder, 30 Republicans

This is how the Daily Kos describes the Balance of power in the New York State Senate: So a crazy thing happened on Tuesday night: Democrats might—might—have retaken the New York state Senate, even though the GOP had a free hand in drawing the ultimate screw-the-Dems map. (I guess there’s only so long you can defy demographics.) Here’s the deal: Team Blue held its two vulnerable seats, SD-15 and the open SD-37. Dems also picked up, as expected, SD-55, an open GOP seat. But there appear to be two shocker victories. In SD-41, Democrat Terry Gipson looks to have defeated GOP Sen. Steve Saland, who staved off a primary challenge after voting for gay marriage, but who nevertheless still had to deal with that opponent running on the Conservative Party line. That allowed Gipson to squeak out a 1-point, 44-43 win. Read more »


Brooklyn Photo: Felder Ad to Appear in a Jewish Weekly


Brooklyn – Felder Says he Supports Gay Rights

NYO Reported:

[Felder] said he thinks gay couples should have the same rights as heterosexual couples, but he does not support legislation legalizing same-sex marriage. “The same respect, the same protections that everyone else deserves, they should get,” Felder said. “But marriage is something for a man and wife.”

The article is from a few years ago. I am not sure if Felder still stands behind this position or how it may impact the race vs. Storobin.


Brooklyn Conservative Party Chair Says Felder a ‘Closeted Liberal’ and a ‘True Conservative’

Five weeks ago, the Chairman of the Brooklyn Conservative Party Gerry Kassar said of Simcha Felder that he “is a closeted liberal who endorsed Barack Obama and raised your taxes on the City Council.” But now that Mr. Felder won his way onto the Conservative Line via write-in, Mr. Kassar says in a Felder Press Release, “Simcha is a true conservative who shares our values. We have endorsed him in other races because he has a long record of supporting lower taxes and representing the great ideals of our party.”


Audio: Gestetner Updates Profiled on the Zev Brenner Show


Brooklyn – Felder’s Strategically Placed Office

Azi Pybarah notes that the new office is: across the street from Congregation Shomrei Shabbos, which, the Times noted, is “a 24-hour synagogue where a service begins every 15 minutes.”

Felder is an Orthodox Jew, like a substantial and growing number of voters in the district.

Storobin, who is also Jewish, defeated a Democrat to win the seat earlier this year by relying on votes from the area’s Russian immigrants, whose collective voting power may have been diluted in the redrawing of this district


Photo: Simcha Felder Campaign Opens Office in Borough Park

New Simcha Felder Campaign office in Boro Park 13th Ave. Cor. 53rd st.

H/T @BoroParkIsAlive via Twitter


Brooklyn – Felder Claims he Leads Conservative Party Line Vote

If this is true, it means trouble for the sitting State Senator David Storobin who secure the GOP Line. Writes ther Felder Camp: The Board of Elections’ completed canvass of absentee of affidavit ballots has  increased Simcha Felder’s lead by 12 votes in the 17thSenate District.  The first canvass identified over 100 write-ins for Simcha  Felder (more than the 94 that were scanned on election night.)  The  Felder campaign is now confident that Simcha Felder will receive a  minimum of 121 votes, while David Storobin will lose with approximately  91 votes.


Super Jewish State Senate District Results…

Thursday 9:45: Abraham Tischler lost his own Election District vs Simcha Felder. Few expected him to win the race but the key question is how many votes he did get.


Brooklyn [Video]: Tischler – the Dem Primary Candidate vs. Felder – Brings ‘Home’ His Campaign


VIDEO: Israel Chief (Ashkenazi) Rabbi Metzger Blesses Storobin Over Felder


PHOTO: Brooklyn: ‘The Tischler Brothers’ Interviewed by Zev Brenner on the Street


Photo: State Senator Storobin Endorsed by Fire Marshals Union

The re-election effort of State Sen. David Storobin (R-Brooklyn) was boosted on Friday with the endorsement of the New York City Fire Marshals Benevolent Association. The Senator accepted the union’s endorsement at a small ceremony in front of FDNY Engine 282, Ladder 148 in Boro Park. He was given a plaque to symbolize the union’s support.


Super Jewish: Abraham Tischler Has 27K Fake Twitter Followers

Politicker: Avraham Tischler, a 21-year old underdog candidate for the State Senate in southern Brooklyn, has suddenly surged to over 27,400 followers as his September 13 primary date fast approaches. A cursory survey of dozens of the followers showed all of them to have no activity and no followers, a hallmark trait of fake, automated accounts. Furthermore, the Twitter tool StatusPeople estimated 100 percent of his followers as “fake.

Read in full Via Colin Cambell


Brooklyn – ‘The Tischler Brothers’ Profiled in the Jewish Press

Avraham and Moshe Tischler, 20-somethings brothers and ambitious political neophytes, recently met with The Jewish Press editorial board to discuss their current political plans and future prospects.

Avraham, 21, focused on his campaign against Simcha Felder, a former New York City councilman, in the so-called Super Jewish State Senate (district 17) race in southern Brooklyn in the September 13 Democratic primary. Among his chief policy goals, Avraham stressed his commitment to tuition tax credits, creating more jobs in the district, and improving government efficiency – especially the spending of citizens’ tax dollars. If successful, Avraham said he plans to use his office as an educational tool to raise various important issues to his constituents and rally them for their implementations. Read more »


Super Jewish: ‘Lopez is Chairman of Simcha Felder’s Party’


Super Jewish Video: Young Candidate Explains his Plans for NY

Abraham Tischler is running for NYS Senate District 17:


Super Jewish: Teamsters Endorse State Senator Storobin

The Teamsters Joint Council 16 has endorsed the re-election campaign of State Sen. David Storobin (R-Brooklyn).

“Teamsters Joint Council 16 represents thousands of hardworking men and women,” Storobin said. “Our state couldn’t function without the work of Teamsters day in and day out. I’m proud to have their support as I continue to fight for lower taxes, more jobs and a better quality of life for middle-class families.”

Joint Council 16 has over 120,000 members from 27 locals in the New York area and Puerto Rico.

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